My Money, My Choice

We must move beyond just complaining about the present situation, and start developing alternatives. One such proposal is “My Money, My Choice,” presented by comedian Dave Chapelle.

Basically, this means that financial child support is optional. If an unmarried woman gets pregnant, the biological father may or may not give her money, depending entirely on his own choice. I don’t know if this is a good idea, but we can imagine some of the immediate effects. Women would become a lot more careful. There might be more abortions. The present 40% rate of children born to unmarried mothers (25% among Whites) would plummet. Marriages where children are born less than eight months afterward might become more common, as they were in the past.

The point is, this little change would definitely be effective. We don’t have to suffer indefinitely with our present state of affairs. We can change it.

The way to change things is not to whine to women about what we would like them to do. We can ask women to support our plan, because if it is good for society as a whole, it would be good for women too, and also their sons. (Women tend to become capable of understanding “men’s issues” after they have sons.) If you can get 80% of men to support it, and 30% of women, it is a done deal.

A similar change might be to make childcare after divorce entirely the responsibility of the parent with custody. If a woman takes the children, she pays for them. If a man takes the children, he pays for them. A man or a woman is equally capable of working for a living, and also, equally capable of dropping off the children at daycare or school before going to work.

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