Wasted Women

Tara Blair Ball writes some pretty good “6 Common Mistakes Single Women Make When Seeking a Relationship.”

#4. We go for the alphas/f*ckbois.

Alphas don’t need no partner, and they’re likely to have some nasty personality traits too that would make for an awful long-term partner.

F*ckbois want to bang your brains out and then vamp. If that’s what you want, cool. Just look for the guy with all of all the shirtless profile pictures bro-ing it up.

If you want a relationship though, avoid both. They won’t change just because you want them to, and in the meantime, you might be missing out on a perfectly nice guy who is a little awkward in social settings or doesn’t love art museums.

Alphas/f*ckbois are shiny like bits of tin foil in the sun, but they’ll blow away at the first gust of wind. Good guys are solid like a tree. They may not look as shiny, but they’ve got roots and they’re going to stay.

The problem is, the whole world is full of 29.999 year-old women who have figured this out after doing everything wrong for the last 15 years. These worn-out Carousel Riders don’t make good wives. The good girls are gone by 26.

From a man’s perspective, the winning strategy is to Be The Fuckboy and have your fun while she is Age 18-30 and doesn’t know any better. It’s all upside and no downside. Let the Good Guy marry these worn-out leftovers at Age 32, and then get torn to shreds in divorce court at Age 40. It’s all downside and no upside.

I am mentioning this for women, who think they are accomplishing something. Didn’t we already tell you about the Epiphany Phase?

Since women really can’t govern themselves productively, it must fall upon men, in particular their Fathers, to fix things. In the past, this meant that a woman lived at her father’s house until marriage, and maintained chastity.

Here’s RooshV:

It is completely your responsibility to create the environment of a good home, a good city, and a good country to prevent the fall of your women. It’s your responsibility to create the right environment where all women remain good instead of succumbing to an evil where within a short amount of time she becomes a useless, tattooed, overweight, and masculine slut. It should be clear to you by now that women absolutely can not save themselves, and have no inherent resistance to the pollution that tempts them in this world. It’s solely up to us men to shield their natural virtue so that they become the wives and mothers that allow you to fulfill your biological destiny while furthering the health of your society.

Matriarchy does not exist. There are only strong Patriarchies, and weak Patriarchies that either reform themselves, or disintegrate.

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3 thoughts on “Wasted Women

  1. Alas, this assumes that women are capable of 1) introspection, 2) understanding Cause and Effect, and 3) exercising moral agency in which they own up to their past bad behavior. Scant evidence exists to suggest that any of these factors apply to the Cock Carousel crowd.


    1. Psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg noted that women do not pass beyond Stage 3 of his six-stage model of moral development. It has been argued that his model is male-centric. But, even if that is so, it still demonstrates the types of moral reasoning that are commonly achievable by men, but not by women. Stages 4-6 basically amount to lawmaking. It is systemic thinking, not individual. “What are the consequences of the laws? What should the laws (or social rules) be? What are the higher principles which the laws should express?” In other words, it is Making Frame. Or, Matriarchy Does Not Exist.


    2. Even women who don’t ride the CC suffer from minimal to nonexistent ability to exercise “moral agency in which they own up to their past bad behavior”. I noticed this when Mrs. A and I were first married nearly 20 years ago and I notice this still today. It used to perplex me because I was an ignorant fool when it came to women, but I will attest over decades of trial and error that this is true. Although it is way more fun to refer to the process as “hamstering” vs. exercising moral agency. The former captures the child-like trait of getting nowhere even though she’s used more words than a Charles Dickens novel, while the latter sounds like an attorney’s deposition.


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