Mental Health and the Men Are Pigs Project

Miles Mathis weighs in on the difficulties facing young women today, and what to do about it.

The highest and most shocking number is for under-30 white liberal women: 56.3% of them report mental illness! While conservative women report less than half that, 27.3%.

Why is this?

In short, I have shown you that women and liberals have gone crazier than most because they have been targeted psychologically more than most. The CIA and other institutions— including the big ones like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, and Gates—have, as part of Operation Chaos, targeted women and liberals above all others. You will remind me that I have recently shown how men are targeted in the gender wars, but psychologically women have been targeted earlier, more, and more directly. Men have been targeted physically and psychologically, but with men the targeting has been more on the surface. Physically, men have had their sperm counts targeted, for instance. They have also been targeted with fluoride and estrogen and other things. They have also been attacked by destroying their relationships. In this way, men are attacked through the loss of women. In other words, women are driven crazy, men lose them, then the men collapse, either physically or mentally. But the women were the first and primary target, you see. Men were the secondary target, since they would be brought down through the loss of women.

How has this come about?

I would say depression is a symptom of induced inertia. What we are taught is upside down, as usual, probably on purpose. What I mean by induced inertia is simple: the CIA wants to ruin a woman, so it targets her. She is taught a hodgepodge of conflicting information that cannot possibly be assimilated, hence the confusion. Once she is confused this way, she cannot make a rational decision in a real-life situation, because she is being pulled in opposite ways at the same time. Her instincts tell her to love a man and trust him, while the media tells her she cannot trust him. So her body is telling her go and stop at the same time. She tells the man to go and stop at the same time, so he doesn’t know what to do and eventually gives up. This ruins not only her relationships, but his. Both the man and the woman have been targeted through her.

What should women do about it?

As I say in every paper like this, the main thing you and the men around you must do is get back together and stay together. You must resist the project to split you, since the male-female alliance is the most basic and most powerful one that exists. It not only produces children, it produces almost everything else of value. It is the source of all stability and the source of all resistance to tyranny. Single men and women who do not believe in one another have no reason to resist tyranny or anything else and the governors know this. It is why they have split us. Isolated people have very little reason to care, and are ripe for oppression. But families and communities do care, because they are protecting a future that is greater than themselves.

To reconstruct the alliance of the sexes, you have to believe in men again, which means you have to mark all the recent propaganda return-to-sender. You have to tell the news and the media to go away, retapping into your primal instincts, which are far better and more trustworthy than the mainstream. If you are a progressive, you have to realize that all the “progress” of the last century has been an illusion or a con. Society has not progressed, it has regressed into chaos and confusion, idiocy and vulgarity, corruption and squalor. On purpose. All this has been done as part of a plan to disempower the average man and woman, to separate them and squash them, so that they are no threat to their rulers. You have to realize the governors have no desire to raise you up or enlighten you, man or woman. Their only goal is to make sure you cannot compete, so that you do not inconvenience them as they take everything of value, including all money, all property, all commodities, all the interesting jobs, all the attention, and all the promotion.

So, as you see, you are in a deep hole, one you cannot possibly climb out of yourself. First you need a partner, then you need a family, then you need a community. Only with all of them can you begin to organize against your powerful oppressors. That means the very first order of business for most women is finding a good man—same as it always was. That isn’t sexist, because the reverse is equally true: the man must find you. That is his first order of business. This isn’t something you should be doing after age 30, it is something you should be doing in your late teens, as in the old days.

This has been a primary point of miseducation, since if the governors can mess you up early and separate you from your power structures, you are likely lost for life. Once you have gone adrift, it is very hard to get back to shore, and they know that. So they have told you to concentrate on college and jobs, which is actually the last thing you should be doing at that age. In your late teens and early twenties you should be finding a partner and a community and starting a family. Work is also important, as is continuing to learn, but they are both secondary and in support of family and community. Most young people think they can start a family later, after they have finished college and made bank, but that is going about it all wrong. For the majority of people that won’t work, since it doesn’t match Nature’s timelines. Besides, the majority of people never make bank. The notion comes out of the aristocracy, which is the only place it can work. Rich people can wait until they are middle aged to start a family, since they are born with the connections we are talking about. They don’t have to claw their way up or resist oppression, because they are from the oppressing class. Odds are you aren’t, so you best pursue your personal alliances early, starting with a husband or wife.

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