Avoiding the Career Path

More young women, or girls, these days are getting the idea that maybe they don’t want to go to college/get a career — even while their parents are pressuring them in that direction. College basically consists of vocational training, and general education. You don’t need vocational training, since you aren’t going to have a job. And, there isn’t much good general education (“Liberal Arts”) going on in universities these days, even Harvard and Yale. Mostly, it is Marxist brainwashing.

I think that women should actually get a general education, in important principles. You would be better off just studying on your own. Read books like The Making of America or The Patriot’s History of the United States. If you decide that you do want vocational training, for a womanly occupation of some sort that you can drop after you get married, just do that and skip the rest.

In the past, young women were often schoolteachers, or nurses. It might seem like women didn’t have a lot of occupational options in those days. But, since these women were soon getting married and quitting their jobs in a couple years, there was huge turnover in schoolteachers and nurses. It was enough to employ all the women who wanted jobs, in those days.

Lori Alexander, of The Transformed Wife, writes:

Many young women have privately messaged me who no longer want to pursue the career path. They want to learn homemaking skills instead, so they’ll be prepared for marriage and children. Yet, their parents want them to continue on the career path racking up a ton of debt. What should they do? … She needs to tell them that all she wants is to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. If they tell her she must be prepared for the “what ifs…” then she tells them that she will find ways to make money that involve nurturing and doesn’t require a long, expensive education. Plus, if she gets a good career, she may be stuck in it forever since her future husband may value the money she makes over having his wife raise their children. Many women make more money than their husbands these days, and this is NOT good nor healthy for a marriage. Men are called to be the providers, not women.

This is good advice, but a young woman should not “study homemaking skills” instead of “studying career skills.” Homemaking skills are easy. It can take many years to learn how to cook well, but you have many years, so don’t worry about it. What a young woman needs is to find a husband and get married young. Around age 18-20 is the goal. It might take a little longer, but absolutely get it done by Age 25. Besides, God gives you itchy panties so that you will make some babies. I suggest that you follow God’s Plan — after getting married, of course.

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