Return of the Daughters

I have only ever known one woman who was the Total Package: 9/10 for looks; 10/10 for brains; and 9/10 (I think) for character. She married a friend of mine.

She went to Japan’s top university, Tokyo University. Tokyo University is sort of like Harvard, if Harvard was competitive. But, Tokyo University is also free to all students, if you can get in. No debt. Also, women don’t feel the need to have a career, to justify the huge expenses of education. They can be well-educated stay-at-home Moms.

She also lived at home, with her parents, until marriage. Now, still married to my friend, she is a stay-at-home mother of two.

In the past, daughters lived at their father’s house until marriage. This did not take long — these girls were typically married around Age 18-20, ideally, and practically, before Age 25. While today’s young women are playing the role of college degenerates, women Age 18-20 in the past were starting big adult responsibilities, of creating a new home and, soon after, filling it with children.

Staying at home was not the goal of a stay-at-home daughter. Rather, it was to get married and start your own household.

During their time at their Father’s house, they often helped raise their younger siblings. There was plenty of housework to do in those days, when it was common for women to make all the clothes, and even, to spin thread and weave cloth. Gardens and food preservation took constant effort.

In the houses of the wealthier, daughters often had private tutors. They were better educated than women today who go to college, but gain nothing but Marxist brainwashing.

In the houses of the less-wealthy, daughters often helped the family financially by becoming schoolteachers, or serving as private tutors.

Recreation of the schoolhouse where Laura Ingalls, author of the Little House on the Prairie books, had her first job as a schoolteacher in 1883, at Age 16.

Recently, there has been a movement toward stay-at-home daughters. Here is the trailer for a recent documentary on stay-at-home daughters, The Return of the Daughters.

It’s the way things were done in the West for many centuries, and it worked. It’s the way things were done in the East too. Needless to say, a lot of Christians didn’t like this idea much.

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