Men are Builders of Civilization

Humans lived in mud huts for tens of thousands of years. Then, Something Happened. Men built Civilization.

Here is a comment from “Elspeth,” a woman:

Men are the builders of stable civilizations; women can’t do it. We can only help create functioning societies inside of the framework of what men build. If the men are not interested in building traditional, stable, virtuous communities for building families and passing on the faith to children born in them, there’s is no point in expecting women to be able to right the ship.

We are not equipped. There’s a reason why you don’t find women leaders in the Bible until the ship is way, way off course.

What women can do is preserve. They can continue in the patterns that they have been taught. You often see churches these days with women the most active part of the congregation, in an effort to preserve the congregation. You see women teaching their children in much the same way as she herself was taught (for better or worse).

But, women do not build: that is, make anew.

Remember our principles around here:

  1. Get up off your knees.
  2. Get your Patriarchy On.
  3. Tell the Bitches What To Do.

Believe it or not, if it makes sense to them, they will actually do it! This is because women soon discover that, left to their own “feelings,” they are adrift and soon come to harm. “What women want” is like a flamethrower that burns down everything around it. Women come to understand this: without male guidance, they are lost, like a ship without a rudder. They then seek male guidance for their own survival. This may come from a corporation, the government, or some other institution (Frame) that takes the male role in a woman’s life.

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If left to women alone, they would not even be able to live in mud huts. They would soon starve to death, while bickering among themselves. When men are left alone, they are soon rebuilding civilization. As soon as they achieve some base level of success, they then try to make it bigger; better; faster; easier. Bear Grylls did a season of The Island with separate men’s and women’s groups. At one point, the producers apparently released a small pig in both the women’s and men’s groups. The men naturally killed and ate the pig, aiding in their group survival. This is not as easy as it sounds, and required them to do a lot of things they had no experience in. But, they understood what their team needed, and did it. The women, starving to death, made the pig into a pet. This was done apparently due to their “feelings” — they didn’t want to kill the pig.

For some reason, men today think that if they complain enough, women are going to fix the problem. That is actually not too far off: If you stop complaining, and just tell them what to do, women will actually fix the problem!

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