How To Marry A Rich Guy

I have a friend with a 12yo daughter who is going to be a babe in a few years, if she doesn’t get fat. On top of that, she is homeschooled on a rural homestead, and is really a splendid girl. There aren’t that many girls like this around. It would be a waste to send her off to college, or for her to marry within the rather limited selection of local young men. She would be a good wife for a rich man. Wealthier young men today have all the female attention they want, but they also know that these women make bad wives. If the time comes for them to look for a wife, they might be on the lookout for a different sort of woman. But, how would these two get together?

I mentioned earlier the example of Steve Cohen, one of the wealthiest and most successful hedge fund managers of his generation, who married a woman of a modest background. Apparently, this worked quite well. While the other men of his cohort suffered through years of difficulty and divorce with their trophy wives/former hoes, Cohen is still happily married after thirty years and four children.

Today Cohen is old, fat, bald, and ugly (and worth over $10 billion). But, when he got married in 1991, he was a good looking guy.

One reason for Cohen’s choice was probably his first wife. She didn’t go well:

Steve Cohen married his first wife in 1979 when he was just 23 years old, and a year out of college. Her name was Patricia Fink. The couple had two children during the time of their marriage but things didn’t work out between them. The marriage ended in divorce in 1988, after just nine years. The relationship would turn bitter years afterward when his ex-wife attempted to sue him and accused him of operating a racketeering scheme, and hiding millions of dollars from her so he wouldn’t have to settle in divorce court. She further accused him of making money from insider trading in 1985, while the couple was still together. She began the litigation against Cohen in 2009 and the battle ensued for nearly 2 years, but in 2011, the case she had filed against him was dismissed.

Typical crazy-ass bitch. She basically won the lottery — she was a billionaire’s wife — and all she had to do was treat him nicely, stay in shape, maybe excuse a few infidelities, and raise his children.

Since our rich young man is not likely to go looking under rocks in rural homesteads, the burden is upon our young woman to go and meet him. Fortunately, there is a way to do that. Here is WikiHow on: How To Find Rich Men. Here is a list of the best dating apps for wealthy singles (they mean wealthy men); and here is another.

Obviously, you are going to have to bring your best game here. You need to be an 8/10 or better. (For a wife, instead of a side chick, 8/10 is enough.) You have to dress like you belong in the company of wealthy men. It would help if you were pretty well educated, although you don’t need to go to a top university.

But, on top of this, you have something else that the zombie hordes of hot young hoes do not. Basically, you are Wife Material. If a man asks himself: “Which of these women do I want to be the mother of my children? Which woman can be entrusted with my future happiness?” the answer is obvious. I suggest a dating app profile that looks like this:

Dating Profiles I Would Like To See

You just lay it out for our young man: I am a tippy-top Good Wife girl, looking for a Good Man. Take me on a Date, but no kissing until after we are married.

This is so weird that our young man might do it just out of sheer curiosity.

A small group of affluent, marriage minded young men have already figured out: “No Hymen, No Diamond.” To which you can answer: “No Diamond, No Hymen.”

I don’t know if this would work. But, you might as well try.

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One thought on “How To Marry A Rich Guy

  1. In small towns, the young business owners are usually known well enough in the community. Not usually wealthy yet. But 6 figures in small towns can raise a posse of younguns while living on the water, golf course, or hilltop. Church Elders are usually older small business men and likely know most of the young business men in town. Alas, church going successful young business owners are probably as rare as your young lady of which you speak. Young waitress in our town belongs to a small national (internet) friendship group called The Red Pill Girls, all of them Christians.


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