How To Be A Wonderful Rich Guy’s Wife

The challenges of being a rich guy’s wife are a little different than for the middle class. All you have to do is follow the gossip mags to find many, many examples of terrible wives of rich guys. But, this also means that there is a very, very small population of good wives for rich guys. Since rich guys aren’t stupid, they know this, and are on the lookout for good wives. If you are the kind of woman who would be a good wife for a rich guy, and you put yourself in his path, he might take you up on the offer.

Don’t Make Problems: Being rich, there aren’t many external problems facing the wife of a rich guy. Obviously, you have plenty of money. If there is some other kind of problem, you can usually solve it by spending money, hiring some specialist to take care of it for you. It would seem like being a rich guy’s wife is the easiest thing in the world. But, most actual wives of rich guys are a dismal failure.

All you have to do is Don’t Make Problems. Since there aren’t many real, external problems, about the only problems are self-created problems. For example, here is Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates, complaining that Bill doesn’t do enough household chores. If that wasn’t stupid enough, she then complains about it in major mainstream media. I bet Bill reeeeeally appreciates that.

What The Fuck Is This? Bill Fucking Gates does not have to wash the dishes. If you don’t want to wash the dishes, then hire someone to do it. Do not make up problems out of thin air. Or, just wash the dishes yourself. What’s so hard about washing the dishes? Don’t make it into a problem. Are you going to be the kind of Rich Guy’s Wife who has a problem with washing the dishes?

In other words, wives must be agreeable and cooperative. No complaining, contentiousness, nagging, disagreeableness, or dissatisfaction.

Insist On A Prenuptial Agreement: As a potential rich guy’s wife, I wouldn’t just acquiesce to a prenuptial agreement, I would insist on it. If you come into the marriage with (relatively) nothing, then you would leave with nothing — perhaps, not even the custody of your children, if he would prefer to keep them. As a Wonderful Wife, this is irrelevant, because you are not going to Make Problems, and you are not going to get divorced. If your rich-guy husband really treats you badly (some of them can be a little freaky), you can leave. But, that doesn’t mean you get a big payout for destroying his family. If he initiates the divorce, which you do not want, then you can perhaps agree to a certain lump-sum payout, which is ample but not punitive in nature. This will tell a rich guy very clearly that you are not a gold-digger. This will immediately put you in the minority of all the women he meets.

Stay in Shape: As a rich guy’s wife, you must be presentable. This means figure, and dress. Just do it like Melania Trump. Work out every day, and eat healthy food. You don’t have to be a stunning beauty, like Melania, to be a rich guy’s wife. Seriously, 7/10 is enough, and practically any woman can do this if she works out regularly, eats healthy food, and makes a little effort toward beautifying herself (not too much makeup). This is because of all the other good things that you bring to the table.

Realize that you might have a lot of alone time: A lot of rich guys are very busy. They aren’t going to be around most of the time. Don’t make a big deal about it. He’s off somewhere else, and you can spend his money. What is so bad about that? You can mention that you might like more time doing something together. He might cancel some business and take you on a trip for the weekend. You don’t have to suffer in silence. But, whatever the outcome is, do not make a big deal about it, and don’t complain. What do you think a rich guy is going to do when, during the little time he has available with his family, you mess it all up with your complaining and horseshit? Do you think that, maybe, he will tend to spend more time at the office? Rather, focus on making your limited time together fun and pleasant. What is a rich guy going to do when faced with the choice of spending fun and pleasant time with you, and heading back to the office? This is not very hard to figure out, but most rich guy’s wives blow it.

Don’t spend stupid amounts of money. You can spend on things appropriate for a rich guy’s wife. Of course you will have nice clothes and a fancy car, and regular lunches in high-end restaurants with your lady friends. But, don’t get into a spiral of materialism, where you are buying five new outfits every weekend that you will never wear. Don’t insist on owning stupidly expensive stuff because some other rich guy’s wife has it — a vacation property in Vail, or a private jet, or a Bentley. Just drive your Lexus, get a hotel on vacation, and don’t worry about it. Be content. Because, if you aren’t content with your wealthy lifestyle as it is, you won’t be content with anything. So, practice being content.

Take Good Care of your Man: Being rich often comes with many challenges. Be supportive and caring for your husband. At the very least, do not make new problems to add to his existing problems. But, after you have done that, you can then start making things better for him. Give him a back massage and listen to his problems, if he wants to share them with you.

Take Care of your Wifely Duties: Mostly, this is likely to be childcare, housekeeping and home decorating. But, instead of doing it yourself, as a middle-class wife would, you might be hiring others to do this. Anyway, get it done at a high standard. But, also, don’t waste your husband’s time and energy with these things. He does not want to get into a big discussion about what the color of the paint in the third bathroom of your second vacation house should be. He has other things to worry about.

Don’t Drink or Do Drugs. Unfortunately, some wives get bored, and they end up drinking and doing drugs. Do not do this. From time to time, you might become pleasantly tipsy with your Rich Guy, followed by hot sex. But, don’t do drugs even if he does.

Initiate Sex Regularly. Ask him if he wants to do it. Don’t wait for him to ask you; at least, not all the time. Wear lingerie without having him ask you. No dead bedrooms. Plus, Be A Sex Goddess.

Be Unfailingly Faithful. Absolutely no fooling around. Be a Model Wife. Do not get involved with your personal trainer or tennis instructor — even if all your other rich guy’s wife friends are. No “girls’ night out,” which can easily lead to “girls’ week in Spain together,” even if other men’s wives do this.

Accept His Fooling Around. Women are throwing themselves at rich guys all the time. “They let you grab them by the pussy,” as Donald Trump once said. But, rich guys don’t get rich by doing stupid things. Mostly, they won’t jeapoardize their families or reputation. They won’t dump you for another woman, even if you are afraid of that. Sometimes, there are weird sex freaks, such as Jeffrey Epstein and his friends. Then, you might be best off just leaving. But, most men are not like that. I would tell your husband that you do not like his fooling around, and that you don’t want him to jeapoardize the family (and your cushy position as his wife). You don’t want him to give you any diseases, or waste a lot of his money on other women. Tell him to keep it in a separate compartment, away from you and the children. Tell him also, that you will remain unfailingly faithful no matter what he does. Also, being perfectly faithful, you also expect some attention yourself from time to time. He will likely be shamed into, at least, rolling it back. Just do it like Jackie Kennedy. Don’t get divorced over it. Get into the idea of being competitive; in other words, be more of a Sex Goddess than the other women. This is not very difficult. That 25yo 10/10 Hot Side Chick is 50%+ likely to be a frigid starfish. If you are in good shape and also a Sex Goddess, you can be his best option well into your forties or even fifties. You don’t want to get into: “I am mad at you for fooling around with a younger, hotter woman, so I refuse to have sex with you.” Like that is going to work. Like a rich guy doesn’t have options, and has to put up with this. But, a lot of women try it anyway.

A Sex Goddess doesn’t fake it. She knows how to have a good time, for real.

It would be best if, as a Sex Goddess with a slim, firm body even at your age, who is also perfectly faithful, and initiates sex herself from time to time, you were enough for a rich man. For many rich men, it is enough; and they devote their remaining energies elsewhere. There is no need to be gluttonous. But, maybe you are not so lucky. Maybe you are afraid that you will be replaced by a younger, hotter woman. But, you might consider that, if a rich man can be married to a Wonderful Wife like yourself, and also discreetly get some hot action on the side, this is a much better situation for him than dumping you, and marrying a younger, hotter woman, who is 99%+ likely NOT to be a Wonderful Wife, because women who are fooling around with married men just don’t work out well. In a divorce, either you are going to get the children, or he will. In the first case, he will lose his children, which can be very traumatic for men. In the second case, someone needs to take care of the children; and, who better than their own biological mother; especially if, in all other things, she is a Wonderful Wife? He won’t replace you.

Raise his children well: A lot of child-raising duties can be outsourced to others. Maybe they will go off to boarding school at the age of 12. However, you should still be a great mother to your children, and take an active role in raising them. Sometimes, rich guy’s wives want to act like they aren’t even mothers at all. They are off in Switzerland for three weeks, abandoning their children at home, who end up making friends with the cleaning staff at the country club because there are no other adults to care for them. Also, no hireling, such as a nanny or governor, is ever going to have the close connection that a real mother has. A rich guy’s wife might get involved in many childcare duties similar to a middle-class wife, even though she can afford to pay for others to do it. Are you going to deprive your own child of a Mother, simply because you can afford to? Skip the nanny, and do it yourself. Breastfeed. Maybe, homeschool.

Cook: Maybe you and your rich guy husband are fine with a professional cooking staff. But, when a wife does the cooking herself, it shows a personal level of care and concern. Besides, cooking is fun. Become a great cook. Use that fabulous dream kitchen. What else are you going to do all day?

Do Not Associate With the Bad Wives of Rich Men. Most rich men’s wives are bad wives. Just look at any of the Real Housewives shows on TV. These are stupid drama, but alas, common stupid drama. Realize that, as a Wonderful Rich Man’s Wife, you are going to be very different from other rich men’s wives. Try to find other Wonderful Wives of rich men to associate with. If you can’t find any, then go with the Wonderful Wives of upper-middle-class men.

Don’t work. You don’t have to work. So, don’t. Taking care of children and home, at a rich guy standard, can be very involving. You don’t need to earn any feminist merit badges as some other guy’s employee. Do not get Married to the Corporation. But, at some point, you might have a little too much leisure time on your hands. Probably, this is when the children are somewhat older, and out of the house. Talk to your husband about whether it is OK with him if you begin some kind of commercial endeavor. Since you don’t have to work, make it something worthwhile.

Undertake Your Rich Guy’s Wife Duties With Skill: This means things like being presentable in society, and handling various social responsibilities. When you are at a dinner party or gallery opening, make him proud that you are his wife. Be a skillful member of his team. Write thank-you notes, and do all that social stuff.

No Plastic Surgery: Just say to no to plastic surgery, botox, fillers, implants, liposuction, and all the other dismal stuff along those lines. Just work out every day, eat healthy food, use a little (but not too much) makeup, and wear nice, age-appropriate clothes. A rich guy’s wife is a woman who knows how to age with dignity and style. When you are 45, wear clothes that are appropriate for Age 45 (that is, not too much skin), which look really good on you because you have a slammin’ body, for your age. Don’t try to look like 25 year old. You cannot, but will look bad trying. Melania, who really was a professional bikini model, doesn’t do that stuff. Wear a bra, and don’t worry about it. A rich guy’s wife, if she takes care of herself, can be a 9/10 or 10/10 for her age group, even if she was a 7/10 at Age 22, and rich guys understand and appreciate this.

Melania, crushing it at Age 30.

Melania Trump, still dressed like a champion at Age 45.

Melania, Age 18. Basically an 8/10.

Don’t Get Divorced. Just don’t do it. Except in some extreme situations, where your rich guy husband is some kind of freaky Satanist, there should be no good reason for it. If you Don’t Make Problems out of thin air for no good reason, probably there will be no problems leading to a divorce. Among college-educated women, women initiate divorce 90% of the time. Don’t be one of those women. If you do get divorced — because he made problems, not you — then leave with what you came with, or a modest payout, which still might be enough to live comfortably for all the remaining days of your life.

Your goal is not to bag a rich guy by promising to be a wonderful wife. It is to actually be a wonderful wife, to plan on that beforehand, and act like one even before you are married. Rich guys will definitely notice. You will stand out, among all the other women who are letting him grab them by the pussy. Because, that is all they have to offer. Just look at the long line of women who had the chance to be a rich guy’s wife, got married to a rich guy, and blew it.

Mostly, all you have to do is Be Nice and Look Good. Seriously, that is all. But, for some reason, most rich guy’s wives can’t do it.

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