Don’t Tell Women That “Marriage Is Dead”

There are good reasons for men to avoid marriage these days, but still, you should never tell women that “marriage is dead.” This is because women do what you tell them to do. They really don’t have much analytical ability, so they have to, by default, go by the guidance of others. If you tell them that “marriage is dead,” they will hear: “The male leaders of our tribe have a new plan that does not involve marriage.” Then, women will kill marriage.

Or, they will look for some other tribe, since this one seems like it isn’t going to work out well. When women hear about MGTOW, they don’t see it is a rational, albeit regrettable, reaction to present conditions. They hear it as a plan. A Frame.

Rather, we should support the institution of marriage, because we really have no other means of raising children properly, and also, there are a lot of other benefits when marriage works well. In the past, before 1910, only about 5% of marriages ended in divorce. So, at least by that metric, it can work.

So, you should tell women: “We really need to fix the institution of marriage, so that it will provide benefits to all of us again, as it did in the past.” If you say this, women will help you fix the institution of marriage, so that it provides benefits to all of us again, as it did in the past. You should tell women: “These are the main problems ABC, and these are the solutions XYZ.”

Not all women, of course. But, some will join your tribe. Because, what are their alternatives?

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One thought on “Don’t Tell Women That “Marriage Is Dead”

  1. I have a very time envisioning most women today, even those who call themselves “Christians,” even wanting to hear about a plan for fixing marriage that goes back to what God wants it to be. Such a plan would mean them giving up all of the spillover bennies that feminism has brought about, bennies that even those women who don’t consider themselves feminists would sooner die than give up (e.g., the franchise, no-fault divorce, abortion on demand, financial independence from men, etc.). A few might listen, but it would be the same few who already reject all things progressive, and there are simply too few of these to matter, certainly not enough to save marriage. It just might require total catastrophe to bring about even a reasonable hope for change.


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