Be Your Own Mom

Confused women on Twitter:

I don’t know why this is hard, but that’s why you have to 3) Tell The Bitches What To Do.

Stay at home daughter: This is what women did in the past, before they got married. But, they got married around Age 18-20. Women who stayed at their parents’ house were Spinsters — that is, they made themselves useful by spinning thread and weaving cloth. So, if you did go back to your parents’ house, it would be to get married right away. But, you can already get married right away, so what do you need to go to your parents’ house for? Just get married. The idea of a stay-at-home daughter was that she was protected by her Father from the degenerate world; basically, it means that she was a virgin. But, a woman that has already gone to college and then lives unsupervised in Sodom on the Hudson doesn’t exactly have a lot of cred when it comes to Purity and Innocence.

Au Pair in France: France is nice, but an au pair is basically a nanny, or a servant that does motherly duties for young children. It is what poor young women did, at least until they got married. So, just get married. If you want, get married to a French guy, make some babies, and then be a mother to your own children, not somebody else’s. Just say that you want to marry a French guy and live in France. If you are not too ugly and not too much of a loudmouth you might get your wish.

I used to know a Japanese woman living in Tokyo, at a big company, who had a bad case of Norway. She was nuts for everything Norwegian. She even look lessons in the Norwegian language. Yes, she married a Norwegian guy, and now lives in Norway.

In other words, just get married and make babies. Be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I suggest saying so publicly too: “I want to get married, have children, and be a stay-at-home Wife and Mother, preferably in France.”

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