How To Be A Wonderful Rich Guy’s Wife #2: Kill Off The Side Chick

We were discussing how to be not just a Good Wife, but a Wonderful Wife for a rich guy, who rarely end up with good wives, much less wonderful ones. Unfortunately, one common challenge for the Wonderful Wife of a rich guy is: some variant of the Side Chick.

Your rich guy is not likely to be a Wonderful Husband, who would never consider such a thing. He is likely to be a man of average virtue, who is exposed to waaaaay-above-average levels of temptation. Maybe, before long, there might be some sort of Side Chick.

What then? 99% of women would march straight off to the divorce lawyer, full of righteous indignation. Do not do this.

Let’s see what Debi Pearl, author of Created to be His Helpmeet (2014) has to say about it:

Your husband is, without a doubt, wrong. It would be wonderful if he were wise and godly, but he isn’t. [ed note: he is rich, which is not too bad.] … You now stand where millions of wives have stood. …

Yes, he is wrong, but your response, though justified, will certainly lead to the destruction of your marriage. … if you really, honestly want to win your husband back, you must change your game plan. Face it: you have a competitor. She is your rival. …

Your husband is going to love what is lovely to him. … The tool of your warfare is your loving, kind, delightful, radiant, adoring self. …

[Debi Pearl recommends being loving, kind, delightful, radiant, and adoring during the whole day, but she doesn’t stop there.]

Call his work, with a giggle in your voice, and give him fair warning that you expect “some loving” when he gets home …

[Now we get out the big guns.]

Once or twice a month, show up at work during lunchtime for a brief unexpected visit. Make sure you are looking radiant and delightfully in love. Your very sweetness and thankfulness toward your man will make that cheap office hussy feel she is beneath your class. And your “innocence” and confidence will cause all the men in the office to be angry at “the woman” for her underhanded advances. …

[And just in case you haven’t got the point yet:]

Be creative and aggressive in your private, intimate times. Keep him drained at home so he won’t have any sexual need at work. … God is on your side. Fight and win.

If a rich’s guys wife did this, she would enter into the Olympic Class of wonderful wives. For one thing, a rich guy knows that 99 out of 100 women would drag him through divorce court, instead of “keeping him drained at home.” He will know that his wife is a 1 in 100, or better.

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