How to Be a Babe (In a Hurry)

I have said that you really only need to do a few things to Be a Babe: Eat good food; get some exercise; and pay a little attention to dress and beautification. You can add to this list of course. Five years of ballet training helps, which is why upper-class mothers insisted on it. But, you have to start somewhere.

You can just Eat Good Food, and Get Some Exercise, and eventually you will probably arrive at Babedom. But, maybe you would like to get serious about it. You want to be Maximally Babealicious in Minimum Time.

In that case, I have a plan for you:

Six months of:

  1. Raw Vegan diet. Mostly, this is fresh fruits.
  2. Daily exercise.
  3. an Herbal Cleasing course.

No makeup.

After all this, you can get a Beauty Makeover, focused on things like clothing and hairstyle. You might want to enlist a friend who is good at that sort of thing, or even hire a professional. Just let them play Barbie with your body. For one thing, you old clothes probably won’t fit anymore, so you will have to buy something new anyway. I would plan on No Makeup, since if you can Be a Babe with No Makeup, it is certainly not hard to be one with a little makeup. I think a lot of women these days just plain don’t know how to dress themselves properly, and need some help. You might be one of them.

There is some debate as to whether a Raw Vegan diet is a good course for the long term. But, since we are talking about only six months here, the long-term effects are not particularly relevant. Just do the six months, and then you can decide afterwards what you would like to do from then on.

Food is more important than exercise. It is best to have both, but you can get by with rather light exercise if you stay focused on keeping a Raw Vegan diet.

Some people want to debate things like diet forever. This is mostly because they would rather blahblah than actually eat fruit for six months, which does require some focus and attention. Nobody ever went from Fugly to Babe by debating. You can only get there with diet and exercise. So, stop debating and start eating your bananas and peaches.

After you have done the six-month program, as described, then you can talk about it. Probably, you will conclude that: “This is so easy, and so effective, that I pity all those who waste their time debating rather than producing results.”

  1. Raw Vegan diet. You can learn about this elsewhere. Mostly, it means fresh fruit and vegetables, with vegetables mostly in the form of salads since they are raw. You can eat as much as you want, without calorie restriction. “Raw” means uncooked. “Vegan” means no animal products, including dairy or eggs or raw meats or fish. If it is not Raw or not Vegan, don’t put it in your mouth.
  2. Daily exercise. This can be many things, from a beach volleyball league, to yoga, to ballroom dance, to tennis, to triathlon training, to mountain biking or snowboarding, to some combination of all of these. But, it means Every Day, which, in practice, is six days with an off day or recovery day. If you don’t know what you want to do, go to for some exercise videos.
  3. Go to and do three months of their three-part Colonix program.

That’s it! You can say a lot about each of these things, but the important thing is to get started, and to keep with it for six months.

I admit, that six months on a program like this can seem daunting. It is actually not that hard, but it might seem hard, so that people never actually begin.

So, just start with one month. After one month, you can decide if you want to continue to a second month, with an eye to doing all six months if you can.

In practice, the first month is the hardest, and already by Week 4, you will notice that it gets considerably easier. After a month, you will say: “Well, I got through one month, so maybe I can do one more.” The second month will be a lot easier. After the second month, you will say: “That wasn’t so hard, so let’s go to three months.” After three months, you will be so accustomed to this way of life that the second three months will coast by on autopilot. So, just get the first month done.

One woman who knows all about Babedom, and also all about Eating Raw (although, in her case, not vegan), and exercising, is former supermodel Carol Alt. In her book Eating in the Raw, she says that, after a decade at the top of her game, she started eating a Raw Food diet. She found that she got better results, with less work, and no calorie restriction.

Carol Alt in 1980.

Carol Alt recently, Age 61. Minimal makeup.

If you do this, including the Beauty Makeover, you will probably end up in the Top 20% for your age group, no matter what sort of body type you have. That might be a lot of fun.

Maybe, along the way, you will “make some friends in the raw vegan community.”
That might be fun.

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