Don’t Need a Man

The “Don’t Need a Man” women are plentiful these days. When they strain their little pea brains, they might admit that it would be nice to have a man to shovel snow and fix the toilet.

So, for those women who are Taking A Stand with the Family, let me explain.

A woman doesn’t need a man, except to raise children. This is, for most women, their primary accomplishment in their lives. If you are going to raise children, then get married first, and stay married.

Your other options, as a single mom, are:

  1. Hire a team of childcare professionals. These are the nannies, daycare, private tutors, private schools and so forth, to raise your children as they should be raised. Only a small percentage of women make enough money to pay for a team of professionals to raise their child properly.
  2. Abandon your child to the government. The government will raise your children in their government schools, to be brainwashed little goons in their New World Order. In their remaining time, your child will be raised by the television, popular music, and the media. The results won’t be pretty.

A woman today who is Taking a Stand with the Family will probably be a homeschooler, or at least be very picky about finding private schools that reflect her values. In other words, she will be a stay-at-home Mom.

If you aren’t going to make an effort to raise your children well, these days, then it is probably best not have children at all. Just be a “free spirit” = barren whore. Women are usually not too happy with the outcome of this path, later in life, but it is not too bad for the rest of society. There are a lot of men who like barren whores, the more barren and the more whorish the better. But, you don’t marry them.

Among the non-viable, or problematic outcomes, we have:

  1. Barren wives. If you aren’t going to have children, why get married? We can allow for women who wanted to have children, but it didn’t work out. But, you could just be “strong and independent.”
  2. Single moms = whores who got pregnant. You will basically end up married to the corporation, or to the government anyway.

Especially these days, it’s coming down to two viable options for our young woman: Take A Stand With the Family, or be a Barren Whore. I recommend the first one. Get started early. You can just find a guy to pay for all your stuff. It’s OK! You can skip straight to the finish line, and get married around Age 18. A lot of women think they are going to somehow follow the Feminist Life Track, aiming to get married perhaps around Age 30, and somehow not accumulate damage along the way, usually (but not always) rendering women unfit for marriage. Can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife. If you think you are going to Take a Stand with the Family at Age 30, why not skip the Feminist Merit Badge and get started earlier?

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