Stay Married

If a young woman is going to “take a stand with the family,” this doesn’t just mean getting married. Any idiot can get married. The most horrid slut can stand still in a dress for twenty minutes at a wedding ceremony. Mostly, it means what happens after you get married.

Today, I think that probably 90% of divorces are initiated, or caused, by women. For college-educated women, it might be 95%. “Initiated” doesn’t just mean filing the divorce papers. It means that the woman’s bad behavior led to the divorce. This might mean the “I’m not haaaaaappy” crap, or it might mean being such a horrid nagging bitch that a man felt the need to bail out just to keep his sanity. It might mean trying to manipulate a man by withholding sex, until, with regret, he naturally starts looking for it somewhere else. Among those marriages that do not end in divorce, but make men miserable to the point that they tell younger men to never get married, mostly this is caused by women.

In other words, today, the future of a marriage and family is largely up to a woman’s own behavior. So, a woman who “takes a stand with the family” needs to do whatever is necessary to make it work. Probably, if she does this, her husband is not going to cause any problems. Today, the divorce laws and family courts present a horrible conundrum for men, and incentivize bad behavior by women. But, this is only a problem if a couple divorces. My own parents live with the same divorce laws as everyone else, and it is irrelevant, for them.

There are a lot of aspects of being a Good Wife and a Good Mother. However, one of the most basic, and obvious ones is: a woman must not cheat on her husband. To make this a little easier, a wife should not have social media, and she should choose her friends carefully. No “girls’ night out.” A woman should be well aware that most women these days, including other mens’ wives, are degenerate wretches that no man should have married, and that no woman should associate with, if she takes a stand with the family. A woman who Takes a Stand With the Family should only associate with other women who do the same. This is not a very large group — especially for women who marry young. There are not a lot of 22 year old mothers who take a stand with the family. You might have to make friends with women much older.

Who decides whether a woman is a Good Wife? Her husband, of course. He might be a bad husband, but I don’t think it is possible for a woman to be a Good Wife, and her husband is not aware of it. If you have to say “I am a good wife but my husband doesn’t think so,” then you aren’t.

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2 thoughts on “Stay Married

  1. You & Wintery Knight are such a wealth of perspective that I wish the interwebz existed in my younger years. Thank you. Every time I read your sfuff, I wish i was told these truths back then. And then, communicating to the young women I was involved with, who also had no clue how it is supposed to work.


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