It’s All Up To Men

Here we are, twelve years after items like “The Misandry Bubble” told us most all we really need to know. In those twelve years, many, many men gained a much better understanding of the situation as it stands today.

Also, we have seen, to my surprise, after millions and millions of comments made directly to those women themselves, in the starkest and most direct language imaginable, that women still know nothing, or at least, will admit to nothing. Here is a typical example.

Basically, she says:

“Men aren’t interested in marriage because they saw some stuff on social media.”

“Women should just tell men what they want.”

Big surprise.

We know that women are capable of some level of understanding, because of examples like Dr. Helen Smith. But, this is very rare, and does not seem to have become more common in the last decade.

Thus, it falls upon men to make all the necessary changes — to the legal system, and to women’s behavior.

In other words, Matriarchy Does Not Exist.

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