The Misandry Bubble

At the beginning of 2010, Imran Khan summed up where things stood regarding men and marriage. Drawing upon many sources of that time, and synthesizing them skillfully, the post has stood the test of time remarkably well. Here it is:

I recommend it to women especially, at least the brainier ones, as it will help you to understand what is happening to you.

But, I think that, in the end, women will not be much help. Men will fix the problem, on the broader scale, when they begin to punish women for bad behavior. This might mean tying them to a post and whipping them. It was what had to be done in the past, to keep societies from breaking apart.

It is troubling to think that this was written at the dawn of online dating. Things are so much worse now.

For those women who want to be part of the solution, and not just follow the herd of women into the flaming pits of hell (I mean in this temporal world, not some afterlife), the process is simple:

Get married young. Remain a virgin until marriage. Marry some real-world man that is interested in you — the best you can get, obviously, but it must be a real man in the real world who is interested in you, not an imaginary man, or a man who is “interested in you” but not interested in marrying you beforehand. Plan to have children early, and raise them during your twenties. Plan on being a stay-at-home Mom, and, given the state of things today, plan to homeschool. Plan to stay married indefinitely.

While this post has much insight, nevertheless I think there is something lacking, which is this: Marriage is not primarily a way to portion out women to men equitably. It is not a way for more men to get laid. It is primarily an institution for begetting and raising children. Especially in a state of advanced civilization, children require an enormous investment in education and training, not only of the academic kind, but in a wide variety of matters. And, civilizations that do not raise children, in a manner that sustains and advances the civilization (in other words, children are as well or better raised than their parents), will perish — not necessarily by demographic extinction, but by being overrun by some more successful civilization.

These days, the instructions for women are clear:

  1. Do not destroy your family.
  2. Raise your children well.

Most women do not accomplish this. So, you will have to do things differently than most women.

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2 thoughts on “The Misandry Bubble

  1. About a month and a half after showing my girlfriend Fascinating Womanhood (the David Coory version), she left me. One of the first things she then did was get the rona vax, presumably so she could go shopping or take the tram or some other typical urban shit (we live in Germany). She saw that I was uninterested in living a conventional, modern life, and couldn’t handle the possibility of going against the flow (that leads toward the waterfall).


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