Here’s Melanie King, commenting on a video of a woman who, apparently, actually called in to Kevin Samuels’ show, and actually followed his advice. It worked!

This woman now has her own YouTube channel, RealFemSapien, where you can get some of the advice that mothers used to regularly tell their daughters, but don’t anymore.

Men can tell the Wifey women right away. Note that she wears a dress, has longish hair of a natural color, and not much makeup. She has some tattoos, left over from past error, but no noserings. But, mostly she says the right things.

Other than that, she is, perhaps, nothing special. She has an average background (lower middle class), average looks (but not fat), and, maybe, average intelligence. This is good. Average woman can be Max Wifey too, and gain all the Wifey benefits. It is not reserved to a special slice of the upper middle class.

Today, there being not so many Wifey girls out there, the few that exist have an unnatural advantage. This woman seems to have married well above her socioeconomic class.

Let’s also take note of Melanie King herself, who is a 10/10 for looks, and a 9/10 or even a 10/10 for brains. Plus, she is very Wifey-friendly. This combination puts her in the Top 1% of all American women. But, she is not actually so Wifey herself. She has more of a “doing her own thing” energy. I don’t get the impression that having a family is a priority for her, even though she encourages it for others.

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