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SigmaFrame did a useful rundown of “red pill” bloggers. This does not include YouTube, but most of the heavy lifting is still done in long-format print. SigmaFrame lamented that the “Christian redpill,” “Marriage redpill,” and “Fatherhood and family redpill” segments are notably scarce.

I would categorize our efforts here as “Marriage RedPill” and “Fatherhood and Family redpill.” This also makes it “Christian-friendly,” although we are not really proper Christians around here.

The basic theme of this blog is “building.” It is not “analyzing the decline,” “dealing with what we have,” or even “finding solutions,” although there is a lot of that. It is more about “explaining and implementing solutions.” Or, as I put it:

Get up off your knees. (Stop complaining and acting helpless. Don’t expect women to fix the problems.)
Get your patriarchy on. (Men are builders. Women will never do it.)
Tell the Bitches What to Do. (Mostly, after Men establish their own goals or blueprints, and personal behaviors in accordance to those goals, which is an internal process, the main next step is to instruct women. Kevin Samuels is a good example of what I mean. The process of discussion itself is “telling men what to do,” but you really can’t tell men, you can just suggest.)

After reviewing the options, we around here have decided that the traditional pattern of marriage and family, found in nearly all successful advanced cultures, would be our strategy of choice. For one thing, it works. And also, history tells us that it seems to be the only thing that works. Or, there would be some example, somewhere, of some other successful system, and not just a society in degeneracy and decline. But, the basic patterns of the Christian world before 1900 were also the same in India, China, the Middle East (or Islam, which is basically Christianity 2.0) and Japan. We might make mention of polygamy, which has a long history especially in the Muslim world. This does appear to be sustainable. But, it has been noted through the centuries that this has many inherent problems. For every man with five wives, there are four men without wives. Much else leads from this.

I recommend that most men make an effort to get married and have plenty of children. I suggest a stay-at-home Wife and Mother, with homeschooling a high priority. However, this requires a woman that is capable of being a Good Wife and a Good Mother, even in today’s environment with all its corruptive influences. If you can’t find a good woman, forget it. Do not attempt to turn a Hoe into a Housewife. Let the Strong and Independent women (aka “shrews”) be Strong and Independent. Especially, Independent. Probably, this implies that only about 30% of men would marry. But, since there are still a lot of stupid men, unfit women still have a lot of options.

I have not said too much about maintaining a family and raising children. But, if you have got this far, I don’t think it will be too difficult. Mostly, girls should be expected to live at home until marriage, preferably around Age 18-20. Basically, Jane Austen. I think we can make some allowance for individual oddities. But, that should be the main pattern. Most women should have children; and, after having children, should raise them. Some women will go without marriage and children. Some women will have children, but will have others raise them, in a successful manner, which probably means private nannies, governesses and tutors, or possibly, relatives such as siblings or parents.

Today, there seems to be a bifurcation growing. I personally do not feel the need to worry about mainstream society much. My son will probably find a wife among the homeschool community. Among all the other desirable features — a debt-free virgin without tattoos — we can now add: no Covid vaxxes. This is becoming a breakaway society, which I think will intensify soon.

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