Ballet Moms

Of all the forms of exercise that a woman can choose from — and she should choose at least one — dance, and specifically ballet, is near the top. From dance, a woman learns poise, grace and beauty, which does not happen to women to do Crossfit, or play ice hockey. Mary Helen Bowers has made a business of dance-inspired workouts. She spent ten years dancing with the New York Ballet, so she is a serious dancer. (If she was a baseball player, she would have played for the New York Yankees.)

There are Fitness Moms, but Ballet Moms are on a different level. The grace and poise that they learned as girls stays with them. Here is Mary Helen Bowers, now age about 43, and a mother.

If you look like this at Age 43,

You Win.

You do not have to ever become a very good ballet dancer. For every ten thousand people who play baseball in their youth, only one joins a Major League team, but all benefit from their time playing sports. So, too, for every one dancer that becomes a professional at a top company, ten thousand girls practice a little ballet, and benefit from it.

Here, from major Russian dance academy Vaganova, is a compilation of professional dancers and their children.

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