Go Get Those Girls!

I think this Twitter thread does describe a large cohort of young women, especially in the 18-22 range. You might have to hang around the college campus to find them.

We are going to have to make a stand somewhere, with at least the Top 30% of women. Probably, if you get them early before they are corrupted, 50% of women would be OK.

Most any woman who is slim, white, has long hair, dresses nicely (but no makeup necessary), no noserings, blue hair or face tattoos, age 18-21, is probably a 6+/10 and likely an 8/10. It is really not that competitive these days.

Today, your average 7/10 “nice guy” is basically invisible. But, maybe that is true of the average 7/10 “nice girl” too.

Here’s a nice 7/10 girl, slim, long hair, no makeup, who also happens to be Gwyneth Paltrow.

All the dating discourse on this app by men only applies to attractive women, because other women functionally don’t exist to them. there’s an entire class of women who are basically invisible to men (thread) 

i’m friends with a sweet Christian girl, works on a farm and goes to school with me. we lift weights together. thin, white, long hair, but not the most attractive face. you guys would probably give her a 4 on an average day, 5 if she did her hair and makeup. 

she’s traditional and wants a family and kids, but she’s never had a bf. she’s never even been asked out. all the dates she’s been on are ones she set up herself, and none worked out. she’s not antisocial. she meets plenty of men, but none of them see her as a prospect. 

i know so many girls in her boat. another traditional Christian girl who’s majoring in accounting, slightly aspie linguistics major who loves knitting and archery, athletic sourdough-baking girl with a dry sense of humor and easy smile, shy taiwanese CS major in my choir. 

they all come to me for dating advice, and i can’t give them anything better than encouragement and platitudes. they could looksmaxx a bit—replace glasses with contacts, wear makeup, etc. but they’re all thin and take good care of themselves so there’s just not much they can do. 

what do you do if you’re not even getting approached, ever? or maybe it’s happened once in your life and the guy wasn’t attractive to you? i wish i had answers for them.

it is brutal out there for plain, slightly nerdy girls on a college campus. they all want relationships, they would all make good wives, but they’re not even dating. they can’t even find baseline *mutual attraction* with any guy, let alone that plus values/goals compatibility 

i’d imagine these types are the bulk of girls who end up single at 30, not girls who partied too much in their 20s and “hit the wall”. people like that story because then it’s someone’s fault there’s a way for her to avoid that fate. 

what happens to girls like my friends? what should they do? this is a genuine question. if any of you have advice i can pass along to them i will. 

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5 thoughts on “Go Get Those Girls!

  1. Not a great suggestion but…….An older man views youth and looks as inversely proportional. Meaning, the younger she is, the less physically attractive she has to be. Also, the older a man is that she considers, the more important her youth is compared to her looks. In South Florida, there are large communities of young single Asian women who eventually wind up and breed with considerably older (liberal) successful white men. OK, I just beat that dead horse; saddle up.

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    1. In all times, men normally married around age 28-35, just as Aristotle described. The biggest reason is that this is when men are productive enough to support a household. But, there is also, perhaps, another reason, which is that men, more than women, want to explore and experiment a little bit in their youth. Women normally married age 16-25, living that their father’s home until then. In the US, we have had a pattern of men marrying younger, which some people have ascribed to the ability (and willingness) for men to establish themselves sooner. In the past, this was abundant farmland, more or less free for the taking for an 18yo. In the 1950s, it was stable union jobs in big companies. College used to be a time when women could find their husbands. But, most men are really not prepared for that at that time these days. So, women should look to Age 25-35 for husbands, and men Age 25-35 should look to college campuses.

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  2. I would respectfully suggest you watch Ms. West’s later videos.

    The last video you posted was in March 2021. Since then, Ms West moved to California in August 2021 and started a relationship with a man, which ended 3 weeks ago in August 2022.

    Thus, the allegedly friendless, “single for life” woman she claimed herself to be, is not, or at least, is no longer. As you can see, sir, appearances can be deceiving, and what women claim about themselves usually isn’t true.


  3. I have known a ton of ladies like that but part of their issue(s) was the fact that the sucked at flirting, being “girly”. It wasn’t meant to be mean.

    That and RBF. There are a f*ck ton of pleasant looking women who can’t emote properly.

    I told, through a buddy of mine, the ladies of RPW via reddit, that it is an arms race. It is a short term battle and you have to be good at being a woman. Men don’t owe it to women to butt up against what can be described as “social evolution”. It is close to the inverse of women not being able to feign attraction in certain traits.

    Without arranged marriages (or at least a stronger church led system of social beliefs), being a Christian is not always a selling point for marriage.


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