Meeting Girls

I think a lot of young men today probably lack basic social skills. These are skills — like hitting a tennis ball. You can get better at them. One easy way to interact with a lot of women is to set up group events of some kind. Go to the beach. Go on a picnic. Have a dinner, or a barbecue, or a pool party. That sort of thing. Think of things with four to ten people, occasionally more but that usually requires a lot of planning.

When I was in college, I used to do a lot of whitewater kayaking. In those days, and also today, kayaking was 95% men. It is often cold, dangerous, and uncomfortable. We would often drive long distances to rivers on the weekends, and maybe stay overnight, usually camping since we didn’t have the money to stay in motels. We traveled to rivers in Quebec, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. This was fun, but having every weekend “with the guys” did get a little old. It was a tradeoff.

Years later, we realized that we could have just bought some rafts, and invited some girls along with us. It would have been a ton of fun. The serious kayakers would still kayak, but there were always some people in our group who would have been happier as a raft pilot. It seemed like there was always someone with a bad shoulder who couldn’t kayak, but could handle a raft paddle. Then, you could just stuff the raft with girls. In bikinis. And then, camp out.

For some reason, we didn’t think of this.

Another thing we did, in college, was to have weekly dinners for 8-10 people. We would have a constant rotation of regulars and new friends. It’s easy to invite people to an event like that. Low stress.

At these events, make an effort to talk with all the women. Just chitchat for a while.

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