The Duluth Model

“The Duluth Model” is a phrase that doesn’t mean much to most people.

Here is a story from SigmaFrame that described what this code word means.

Unfortunately, we will have to live with these conditions for at least a while longer.

How shall we react? The potential responses for men are:

Don’t live with women. They are just too dangerous. Even if they don’t mean any particular harm, they can do a lot of harm anyway. The present legal environment has taken women’s natural tendency toward chaos and amplified it extravagantly.

Take some kind of action to remedy this legal structure. Write letters to your State congressmen. Write letters to your County or Local governments, sheriffs and police chiefs. They don’t actually get much feedback, and often they really do read your letters. I would put some “educational” material in the letter. For example, you can have a one-paragraph statement of your position: “The Duluth Model is a disaster for families and should be abandoned.” Then, you can have some supporting material for anyone who wants to read further. For example, you can just cut and paste this “Frozen peas” story. Yes, you can do that. This is not school. You can just cut and paste. Look for organizations that take action against this sort of thing, at the local, State and National levels. Give them a little money. I suggest $25.

Every woman that can fog a mirror is going to have some kind of: “Well you should just not do those things that make women angry!” response. But, most men are already too careful as it is. Instead, I would try to educate your woman about the potential dangers that the family faces, if she ever calls the police for any reason. Tell her what she is likely to hear from her friends and family: “Toss him under the bus! He’s abuuuuuuusive!” Unfortunately, many women are almost ineducable. They are stubborn dim bulbs. But, you can take some steps.

Today, we will have to Take A Stand with the better 30% or so of women. Usually, they are not too hard to identify. Form families and have children with these women. At least, pass them on to someone else who will. You still have the Other 70% who are basically “for the streets.” Have fun and be careful.

Women should also read this story. This is what we face today. By “we” I mean not only men, but families, or husbands and wives. The police will blow up your family on a whim even if you never intended that, if you give them a little premise to do so. There are all kinds of incentives today for women to blow up their own families, even by accident. This is not very healthy. But, even despite the existence of these incentives, some women act on them, and some do not. There are a lot of women who do not get divorced, and do not use the threat of easy divorce, even though they could. These are known as “good wives.” Is it possible to be a Good Wife, and also do this? Obviously, not. So, don’t do it. If you are not willing to abstain from this stuff, despite the incentives offered, then no man should marry you. You are unfit for marriage, in the difficult environment we now have today.

It’s OK to be Unfit For Marriage. But, if you are Unfit, then don’t get married or have children. Go have a good time.

Today, there are the Damned and the Saved. Some women will work to preserve their families even despite the many influences blowing up other women’s families everywhere, usually due to the woman’s own actions. Either you are one of those Good Wives, or you are not.

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2 thoughts on “The Duluth Model

  1. Nice to have a glimmer of hope, Sigma Frame’s recent posts have been rather dark.

    Here is my idea: I shall be the sole owner of my home and bank account. If I were to marry a woman, it would be a verbal agreement (legal marriage is insane). Would the law respect my right to (forcibly) remove someone from my home if I so choose?


    1. That all sounds good to me. It is really a return to the way things usually were, before 1960. I don’t know about “forcible removal.” One hack is to charge a notional rent for a woman living in your home, $100 a month for example. Another possibility is to formally adopt any children, thus making you their sole custodian. Before 1950, men usually ended up with the children in divorce.


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