Today, most women are really not fit to be wives and mothers. In this, they are encouraged by the legal system, which, through divorce law and related laws such as the Duluth Model of domestic violence, promotes the destruction of families. Men today look at the two previous generations of men, who tried to make a go of it despite these dangers. Too many of them ended up getting their guts ripped out. Today, most women simply aren’t gonna make it, against the constant disintegrating influence of media, social media, dating apps and the like. As bad as it was in the past, it is far worse now. Men today say: Not me, thanks.

Someone brought up this point to Lori Alexander, the Transformed Wife. Lori is, naturally, in favor of marriage and family, as we are here too. Although I didn’t find the post, as I remember, her response was something like:

During their time of bondage under the Pharaoh [in the era of Moses] the ancient Israelites maintained strong families and had lots of children. They kept their ancient teachings, maintained their religion and ethnic identity, and taught their children good behavior. Eventually, after centuries of slavery, they escaped captivity, and migrated to the Promised Land.

The first response might be: “That’s not exaaaaactly what I was talking about.”

But, the second response might be: “That’s true, as bad as things are today, they were worse then. But, by maintaining a strong family and community, in the face of a government that was the worst imaginable, the ancient Israelites survived and eventually prospered.”

Today, although divorce laws lead many women to destroy their own families, or make life so miserable for their husbands (via divorce threats and other means) that other men today decide that marriage is too unrewarding to contemplate, nevertheless, some women do not do that. They could do that, but they do not.

In other words, women today still can choose to be good wives and mothers, and do that, even though most women won’t. Some women don’t blow up their families and make their husbands miserable, although most women do. Some women are good mothers to their plentiful children, although most women are not.

In the past, these “good wives and mothers” were something of a matter of luck. It was not quite something that people did intentionally. It just sort of happened, as a result of a woman’s character, upbringing and prior history.

But, today, I don’t think that is enough to go on. A man, and a woman, should go about things more intentionally, to have some principle or goal to cling to, so that they won’t be blown about by the constant pressure of media, social media, etc.

Male leadership will be important. A young man should say: I want to find a woman who will participate in a specific project, which is to have a strong family and raise strong children, in the middle of an environment of degeneracy, where most people will slide slowly into a swamp of depravity. I need to have a woman that could take advantage of divorce courts to blow up her family; but will not. And, a woman that could abandon her children to be raised by TikTok, Netflix and the public school, but will not.

Mostly, these young men will not find women who have already adopted some kind of commitment along these lines. They will be somewhat sloppy and unformed, probably with at least some leftist brainwashing. But, if she is young, pretty and a virgin, maybe you can work with it. Just tell her what your plan is, and see if she wants to take part.

Fathers can teach their daughters to find men with these goals in mind. But, don’t dilly dally. Find such men, and then marry your daughters off quickly. 18-20 is a good age for marriage. Because, if a strong marriage and family is your goal, then what are you waiting around for? Some people will say: “Yes, I agree with all that, but I also want my daughter to get a degree in engineering and travel the world, before doing all that.” This is not serious. Only serious people are going to make it.

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