Dating Doesn’t Work for Modern Women

Here’s Kevin Samuels, stating that Dating Doesn’t Work for Modern Women.

He makes a number of interesting points here. One of them is, women simply cannot, or do not, make good decisions about choosing men. It seems that those men who have the most firsthand experience in these things, who have seen the most, come to the same conclusion. Women are inherently self-destructive. It doesn’t even make much sense to teach or train women to be less self-destructive, because by the time they finally have the interest and motivation to do so (around the Epiphany Phase, Age 27), too much time has been lost and too much damage has been done.

Even the best of women, who really do want to get married and start having babies before Age 25, can easily drift off toward the right side of this chart over a decade of “dating,” and end up as single as when they began.

We saw that RooshV came to the same conclusion.

Only a woman with an exceptional upbringing can resist alcohol, social networking, and university brainwashing, and for the women who can initially resist it, she will surely succumb after enough time and pressure. It is in this way that AWALT is true: all women who face corrupt influences in their lives will become corrupt and behave in a similar way that degrades their virtue, making them unsuitable for long-term partnerships. But if AWALT is true in describing the universal fall of women in the presence of toxic influences, it must also be true that they possess universal purity in environments which lack bad influences that attack her virtue.

This is why women lived at their fathers’ house until marriage. They got married young. In Pride and Prejudice (1813), which describes upper-class conventions in a healthy Christian society, the heroine Elizabeth Bennet is somewhat apologetic that she is not yet married at Age 20. In the famous 1995 A&E series, Elizabeth and Darcy do not kiss until after their wedding ceremony. The process of courtship is tightly overseen by parents — both in generating opportunities to meet (in this case, dances and house visits), and shunning inappropriate suitors (the charming but corrupt Wickham).

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