Too Damn Ugly

About 40% of young single women are Fugly. Skip them. But, about the same percentage of men are Fugly too, so it seems like there is a nice match there.

But, I have been thinking recently that, no matter how Fugly a man is, he naturally has a desire for pretty slim women, and, naturally, has limited interest in ugly women. Maybe, interest limited enough that he just doesn’t do whatever is necessary to pair up with one. And if he is (rightfully) uninspired by Fugly women, and rejected by pretty ones, where does that leave him?

And isn’t the same true for women? Do we expect even the ugliest women to be infatuated with ugly men? That would be expecting the impossible.

In the recent past, people became Fugly after they were married, sometime after 40. Regrettable, but it didn’t matter too much.

Fugliness is almost entirely due to preventable factors, especially obesity, but also dress and presentation. Mostly, it is curable.

Even the most tragic Butterface girls are hot enough for some guy somewhere — if they have a healthy slim body.

Even perfect beauty is easily disfigured by obesity.

Don’t Be Fugly is a good principle always, but also, later in life. Age catches up with everyone, but you can be Not Fugly nearly up to Age 70.

Middle aged couple hugging
Romantic senior man kissing a cheerful woman on cheek

Mostly, it is a matter of good diet. Avoid all processed foods. “Single ingredient foods” only. Cook at home.

Also, exercise regularly. But, diet is more important than exercise.

Lastly, try a little bit. Clothing manufacturers have all kinds of attractive clothing available. You just have to wear what they provide for the purpose. But, many people, men and women both, often can’t seem to do this. Land’s End is a purveyor of extremely boring, Middle-America clothing that is nevertheless well made and reasonably attractive. You should aspire to a Land’s End level of fashion, at the very least.

Seriously, most young women do not accomplish even this.

No noserings, blue hair or neck tattoos + a shirt with buttons = You win!

No shorts, t-shirts or sandals = You win!

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