Teen Girls Today (a Mom’s perspective)

Traditionally, you avoided the damage of young women by getting them young. But, girls are falling to pieces from pretty much the first step beyond Age 13.

It will be harder than ever to find any girl that is decent wife material. Parents are crazy to allow their children to succumb to this madness without opposition. It’s not really that hard: a) homeschool; b) no TV, tik tok, etc. Read old books.

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Grazie Pozo Christie, M.D.


I’ve been a teenage girl and I’m in process of raising two of them. Nothing about the horrific rise of gender confusion in girls surprises me.
Puberty is an emotional tsunami for girls. Today they face a gross and degraded dating culture in which 

2/their only measure of objective value is their micro bikini-fitness and willingness to make themselves sexually available to unscrupulous males.
From precious little princess to door mat in 2 seconds, plus the indignities, suffering, and strangeness of a woman’s biology. 

3/Their emotional pain is tremendous, even in the best of circumstances.
And how many have “best” circumstances? 
Half perhaps or more have absent fathers, and no real conception of what an honorable, faithful and protective man looks like in action. 

4/They see the future before them and it is barren.

They are told to be like the worst of men, sexually aggressive, single-mindedly devoted to getting ahead in their careers, careless of the home and the sweet concerns that fill the hearts of beloved wives and mothers. 

5/That they don’t need a man to protect and cherish them and their children. That’s so PATRIARCHY.
They are told that the babies they will inevitably, accidentally conceive can be brushed aside with a couple of pills and some EXTRA painful cramps.
And that it will be LIBERATING. 

6/That they will grow old and have cats, but that they will really really like that. That having 15 grandchildren to take you to church on Sunday by turns is a stupid old dream that has been supplanted by a better future. You ponder abt the cats but think maybe you can have dogs 

7/Would you want to grow up to be a WOMAN? If these were your future prospects?
At least men have power in the dating game, they don’t have to post pics of their butt on instagram and be derided for their cellulite. 

8/And you are on TikTok and instagram and snapchat all day, trying to feel better about yourself.
And they say, they ALL say, that you can flip a switch and be a man instead of a woman. No more periods, overstuffed bikinis, emotional blackness like a bottomless pit. 

9/So you go for the trans, and you are CELEBRATED. You are the bomb! You have everyone’s attention, even your overworked mom’s and your mostly absent father’s, who are now fighting like rabid dogs over you. While before they mostly made you feel invisible. 

10/Being trans, you now have a GROUP, and a banner and a reason for being. You have frequent “medical” visits and ways to measure your “progress” like the deepening of your voice, and your new cool male-pattern baldness. 

11/You get a mastectomy and now have the horizontal scars, yes, but they tell you those are beautiful, and your post them on snapchat and get lots of applause and thumbs up. You are BEAUTIFUL! ..finally 

12/And you dream of the phalloplasty that will give you a scarred forearm, yes, but you can wear long sleeves. And that will give you real sexual pleasure that you can’t imagine because you’ve never had any but they say it’s real good. 

13/And they children you will never bear? That’s NO PROBLEM. Because you can get children all sorts of wonderful, inventive and modern ways, that probably by the time you want them will be funded by the government, like surrogacy and prob. artificial wombs. 

14/that you will have love, and companionship, and deep friendships and a family.

Then you learn slowly and painfully that it’s all a lie. That you are just caught up in a weird fad powered by the money interests of a HUGE trans industrial complex. 

15/That what was natural and beautiful and tender and soft about you was your budding womanhood and that your future as a mother and wife has been erased, replaced by meds and surgeries, incontinence and emotional lability that gets worse not better. 

16/Your desire for suicide intensifies, as you swoop up and down on the tides of giant testosterone injections or patches, a hormone that was never meant for you in those quantities, but for young strong men with battles to fight and homes to build with brawny arms. 

17/The winners? Follow the money. The scads of money.

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4 thoughts on “Teen Girls Today (a Mom’s perspective)

  1. Kids these days have mental retardation from all the shots. In my day (80s-90s) the shots didn’t make us THIS retarded. None of us would have bought this shit. The vaxx schedule is a major cause of all this. And social media and kids having retard phones. But without the IQ killing shots even social media could not do this.


  2. Very good summary of a demonic influenced culture. The future child abuse accusations and potential lawsuits are obvious, methinks. The irresponsibility of parents who promote such shananigans is going to be forever remembered. Your job as a parent is to protect your progeny from such ill advised behaviors, not encourage it.


  3. I’ve been thinking about how to phrase to others my search for a wife. Obviously the direct approach, saying ‘looking to reestablish patriarchy’, won’t get me anywhere. Instead, I’m thinking: “I offer a life without financial worries, of freedom and protection from digital media in all forms, and of health and meaning.” In other words, I shall be the sole breadwinner and manager of finances, there shall be no social media or television in my home, and we shall only eat the best food and avoid (industrial) drugs. I know my father would agree with my preferences (and thus aid my search), but my mother is a bit feminist, so I’ll have to be crafty to not lose her support.


    1. I think it is a good idea to Say What Your Deal Is. This is what I mean by a Tribe, even if it is a tribe of one. Women like this. This is why they want men to plan dates, with details. They do not want to discuss what to do. This is strange to men. Why not talk about what you want to do? But, if you are a woman, and you want to Find Out What The Plan Is, then you don’t want to hear: “What would you like the plan to be?”


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