Lonely Virtuous Girls

There should be some reward for being virtuous. The reward used to be: You would get your own house and husband at Age 18 or 20. Today, even as we watch millions and millions of young women get lost in the swamps of open-ended harlotry, there are also many who reach the age of 25 and have never been on a date. Many of them overtly want a home and family.

Read the comments for more details. There are probably a lot of 4/10s-6/10s here, but they aren’t all landwhales.

Soooo …

Are these “Femcels”?

Basically, I guess they are. Men argue that a real Femcel can’t possibly exist. But, there are a lot of men who consider themselves “incels” although they could pay a woman at any time. Or, maybe they do pay women but still consider themselves “incels.” So, maybe it is a little like that.

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