Julianna Reaches 27

“Julianna,” who we saw back when she was a 19yo dream babe and “never been kissed,” is now 27 and still a virgin. Good for her, but something is definitely wrong when someone who is, let’s say, in the top 2% of wifey girls is not married. You would think that, with most men still marrying eventually, and a distinct shortage of decent girls to marry, the wifey girls would be in high demand. But, no.

It sounds like she met a compatible sort of man, but they couldn’t get it going. Mostly, the guy’s fault, by the sounds of it. Today, it would not be hard for me to make an up/down decision in the space of a few months. Having been married for over 20 years, it is not hard for me to decide to be married … or not. But, I think a lot of young men are waiting for some kind of “sign,” which mostly doesn’t arrive because that “sign” is mostly an attachment that comes from having sex before marriage.

Go to YT and read the comments too.

Part of the problem, it seems, is “dating.” Mostly, as she says, this doesn’t work out, because, as Tom Leykis said, “dating is fucking,” or, as the polite Christians say, “fornicating.” (Same thing.) A woman should, I think, announce clearly that this is “courtship,” which will clear out 95% of the riffraff, and also, perhaps, attract a few men who are actually interested in a wife and family, who would not otherwise rouse themselves. (In the process of Courtship, you can go on a date.)

Then, there is the talk of a “relationship,” which is also not in the Courtship model. A “relationship” is basically a sort of proto-marriage that arises from “dating.” It was something that appeared in the mid-twentieth century, as a hybrid between Courtship and open-ended fornicating. “Courtship” is mostly non-exclusive until there is a marriage proposal. In practice, there would be a more serious stage of courtship, where a couple would see a lot of each other, with a proposal expected quickly thereafter (a few months). But even this, I think, is not what you would call a “relationship.” I can see how a sexless “relationship” might dissipate into pointlessness if it was not heading, rather quickly, in the marriage direction.

There is a lot of talk about “waiting,” but people didn’t wait that long back in the day. They “waited” during about six months of Courtship, and got married at Age 19 (for women). So, stop waiting!

As I have said, we are going to have to take a stand somewhere, so let’s take a stand with the Top 30%. The other 70% — the Fuglies, whores, single moms and good-girls-gone-bad — we will leave aside.

For example, just from this ten minute video, we know:

  1. She is at least an 8/10, maybe a little higher due to makeup and hair skills (and maybe filters…).
  2. She is a virgin, which is nice in itself, but also shows a lot of self-discipline and strong values in general.
  3. She has a soft, feminine voice. No girlboss posturing, or other strong feminist energy.
  4. She appears interested in home and family. I do not have the impression that she wants to “have it all” or find some kind of compromise between career ambition and children. She would probably be very happy as a stay at home housewife.
  5. Given all the above, her politics probably tend conservative. No rainbow/woke crap.
  6. She is 27, which is not too old, although not too young either. As a virgin, she has not accumulated the damage that most girls do by Age 27.

This combination of virtues, I would argue, puts her in the Top 10% of all potential wives today. Maybe, if there is not a lot to put on the “cons” side — in the Top 2%, as I said earlier. Of course there may be a lot that we don’t know. Maybe some of that would come out in time. But, if we just say Top 10%, his leads to the next question which is: Is she good enough? Does she meet some minimum standard? (Absent unknown problems, yes.) Next: What are your chances of doing better? (For most men, not a whole lot.)

You see, it is not that hard to pick a woman. We can have a bit of get-to-know you time. And, of course, she has to be interested. Obviously, we can never know what marriage might have in store, ten or twenty years down the line. You do what you can do, and then you take your chances. If you are going to marry, then basically you just do it. Don’t drag things out. If there are no other red flags, then get it done in, let’s say, six months.

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3 thoughts on “Julianna Reaches 27

  1. “Put out”
    “bare minimum”
    “he kinda changed”
    “waiting [..] for someone to trust fully”
    “final straw”
    “someone to treat you right”
    “trying to open him up”
    “it was hurting me so much”
    “there are other people out there”
    “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself for giving this a second chance”
    “You shouldn’t have to settle.. or lower your bar.. or standards”
    “I deserve my Prince Charming”
    “We deserve more”
    “I met a lot of guys that I ended up not liking”
    “He would leave me feeling empty.. I gave him everything.. he never complimented me”
    “I’m way better on my own”
    “I’m still on the dating apps, and once in a while I meet someone”
    “if anything, I’ve gotten more picky”
    “look at this crop-top I’ve gotten..”
    She speaks with the same terms that does the world. Further, while she does not say it, it is clear she subscribes to the pagan ‘soulmates’ concept. I do not see a ‘quiet and gentle spirit’ here. I see another princess, only this one has made purity her idol. Lolo Jones’ protege.


  2. Yeah, no. I don’t believe this for one minute.

    Julianna’s status is not men’s fault. Either she’s picking the wrong men or she’s not putting herself out there.

    You see, it is not that hard to pick a woman.

    That’s not how it works. Men display, women choose.


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