Forming Tribes

What’s going on here?

From a man’s point of view, this is just personal opinion. Some men like Bettys, and others like Veronicas.

From a woman’s point of view, it is confusion. A woman wants to know what is expected of her, in “her tribe.” For a long time, this “tribe” was society as a whole (“America”), or some fairly broad subset of society (“Los Angeles,” “upper middle class”). But, today there is too much difference in views. In time, we should, and probably will, form smaller, distinct “tribes,” where people basically share views on certain topics. Women can then become part of these tribes. They will have a coherent set of expectations to conform to.

For example, today there is the Sodom and Gomorrah tribe, where women are expected to be childless, self-supporting, on-demand sex kittens in constant rotation, slowly depreciating like used cars even into their sixties. Basically, this is the pattern of gay men. Then, there is the nascent Home and Family tribe, where young women are expected to remains virgins until marriage, and then, have a lot of children. There used to be a centrist Dating/Relationship tribe, but that is eroding with a sense of pointlessness. Today, these are mixed up in a confusing mess. A woman doesn’t know what to do. The Sodom and Gomorrah Tribe at least has active and functioning systems (Tinder, for example, and related forms of online whoring including TikTok and Instagram). They are ultimately self-destructive, but at least it is something that a woman can participate in, right now, today.

The Home and Family Tribe is still unformed. It does not have active and functioning systems, yet. Mostly, it is an ill-formed cloud of vague notions. Women who try to abide by these notions do not necessarily end up with Home and Family. Men are not necessarily offering those, in real life, but only as a sort of principle. Even Christian circles are badly polluted by feminist nonsense. Should a woman marry young, or wait until her late 20s? Should she pursue a career, or be a stay-at-home Mom? Should she go to college? Someone is going to have to make some decisions about this; and Tribes will form around this consensus. Probably, it will take parental guidance to get it going, with both young men and women nudged into forming families. They do not seem to do that naturally.

A man can form a “tribe of one.” He can, and today I think should, state all the expectations of his “tribe,” which is basically himself, for now. The woman that he meets will not necessarily already be conforming to these guidelines. But, she should be friendly to the idea, and willing to participate, much like a new employee at a corporation. I would state that I prioritize a woman that stays at home with the children, and homeschools. I would state how many children I would like (three or more), and in what timeframe (soon). I would state our political stance (some flavor of conservative), and related views (no rainbow shit, no vaccines). I would state some expectations (always look good, especially after you have children; keep a beautiful house; become a good cook). I would probably give a woman some books, like Fascinating Womanhood or Created to Be His Helpmeet, and see what her reaction is. This is not something that you do on the first date, of course. But, if you are at all serious about marriage, then I would do this.

One Tribe that appears around this time of year, is the Hunting Tribe. I think it is charming when families start walking around town in matching RealTree outfits.

Pack up the car, honey! We’re going to Cabela’s!

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2 thoughts on “Forming Tribes

  1. Who said a tomboy meant a non-feminine woman? I thought it meant a woman who is feminine but likes to go fishing and shoot guns.


  2. Women do not form tribes. Women are in herds, which consist of all women in a vicinity. Only men form tribes, and only with other men.


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