Getting Married Without Kissing

If men want to marry virgins, they are going to have to get used to marrying without sex first, or even kissing. This will require a sort of change of mindset.

This response is correct — such men should be disqualified. But, it is not too surprising that young men would feel this way, or fall into these habits. They naturally conform to “dating” expectations, without even conceiving of marrying without sex first. Also, not that long ago, in the 1950s and even continuing to today, it was pretty common for a woman to have sex before marriage with one man, who she later marries. But, this is not a good idea.

Thus, young men will have to get their minds around marrying a woman without kissing her first.

This is not really that hard, if you decide:

If you are going to get married “someday,” why not now? There might be good reasons not to get married now. But, even if you are not in a position financially to support a family, or feel that you are not, you and your young wife could just work for a while before having children. Of course, if you just want to whore around, then I suggest you find some non-virgin girl for that.

Decide within a 3-6 month period if this is the girl for you. If you are just looking for present-day fun, then “dating without sex” doesn’t make much sense. But, if you are looking for a wife, then waiting 3-6 months until a wedding is not a big deal. No interminable ongoing sexless “relationships.” Probably, within that amount of time, you will know everything that you can know beforehand, as to whether this woman would make a Good Wife and a Good Mother. You will work out expectations together: Stay at Home Mom? Homeschool? No vaccines? Christian? Children sooner, or later? Prenup agreement? Then, you will have to take your chances.

This is the way things were done for many centuries, so obviously it works. Men too will have to either Take A Stand with home and family, or be increasingly lost to aimless fornication or, more commonly, childless isolation. I think that men are not too uncomfortable with childless isolation, and that might be a solution for many. I’ve been talking about Taking A Stand with the Top 30% of women, and of course the Top 5%, which means: young beautiful virgins of good character. But, that leaves 70% of women unmarried (at least, not married by pickier men), implying also 70% of men unmarried (or, not married to the Top 30%). So, you don’t have to Take A Stand With Home and Family. Most will not. But, if you want to do that, this is how you should do it.

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One thought on “Getting Married Without Kissing

  1. No. This sounds like failed “I kissed dating goodbye” and “purity culture”. This is forcing men and women to deny their natural urges. I could agree with no sex until marriage, but no kissing until marriage? No.


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