Getting Married Without Boyfriends

In the past, Courtship did not involve “boyfriends.” This is hard to imagine today, where it seems like you need a “boyfriend” for … about 58.7 months … to get married. But, that is a new thing.

Here, as a counterexample, is Bingley and Jane in Pride and Prejudice, a representation of “courting” from about 1810. Actually, this story has a lot of drama, since Bingley is convinced not to marry Jane at first, as she is well below him in social class. Probably, Bingley should aim a little higher, and Jane should aim a little lower. Since this is women’s fantasy, Bingley does marry Jane. But, there were no boyfriends, and not even any kissing first.

Probably many women would say: “OK, that’s fine with me, especially if he is as rich and good looking as Mr. Bingley.”

But what about men today? If you had, in front of you, a 22yo virgin, who is also a local beauty, from a good family, who is almost certain to be a Good Wife and Mother, trained in that role from birth, and you had to make an up/down decision with no kissing first, could you do it?

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2 thoughts on “Getting Married Without Boyfriends

  1. That’s what I always wanted. I’ve always considered dating degenerate. But I was raised in aChristian bubble where I didn’t know whores who cheat on their husbands can still get alimony because all I knew on the subject was the teaching that divorce for any reason but adultery is unscriptural and the church would attempt to punish a remarriage by making them feel unwelcome. I just assumed the secular law was just and didn’t award alimony to cheating whores. So as a teenager I would have jumped at your proposal of marriage without dating. Today I wouldn’t marry unless you paid me more money than Bill Gates and Elon Musk have combined. And even then I wouldn’t because she’d just take it.


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