Can’t Sleep On The Thoroughbreds

I met a young guy who was recently hired by a friend of mine (at a prestigious bank), who is close to retirement.

He is about 23. He has a long-term girlfriend, who he has been together with for about six years. I didn’t meet her, but I hear she is very beautiful.

Basically, they are High School Sweethearts, or maybe, met at the first year of college. Probably he is the only guy she has ever had sex with. Maybe she is the same for him. Probably, she is the same age, or a year or two younger.

He should just marry her. Right away. Plan for a wedding in three months. Get a prenup, and don’t sign any “marriage licenses.”

She has already said that she hopes he will marry her.

How can he possibly do better than this? Even if he dumped this girl, and they got back together three years later, she wouldn’t be the same. She has already demonstrated her ability to get along and maintain a long-term relationship. She is probably the most devoted woman this man would ever meet, in his life. (Unfortunately, not being exposed to most women today, he doesn’t know this.)

OK, it is possible, but not very likely.

I admit, it is somewhat difficult, or confusing, for a guy who is 23 and really just starting his career as “the new guy,” to consider wife and family. This is not what people do, today.

But, they have already been together for six years. Don’t dilly dally any more.

You don’t have to have children right away. You and her can just work, and live together, which is what you are doing already.

But, I would have children right away — at least three, in five years. This guy makes enough to support a wife and children. Babies don’t cost much. The wife would stay home, of course, but that is not a problem. A woman with newborns also doesn’t cost much. It is hard for her to even leave the house. No vacations in Greece, or even a restaurant trip.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep On The Thoroughbreds

  1. His parents maybe divorced and hers are not. As a result, he may not be confident on the family thing, especially if they live in the big city, which is torture on families. He also may believe that since the first one is so great, it is easy to find more like her. Nevertheless, if she stops putting out, he will make a decision real fast one way or the other. Six years….. bah humbug.


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