Women Aiming To Get Married

It is actually a good thing that women mostly come to their senses, sometime after Age 26, and decide that they want to get married. Men have recently learned to avoid these types, since it sure seems like they are looking for a lifetime meal ticket after a decade of debauchery, by marrying a man that they don’t like much and will eventually despise. Nobody wants to be Captain Save-A-Ho. In practical terms, they usually make Bad Wives and Bad Mothers, before they divorce their hardworking man after a predictable eight years of marriage.

Among the PUA types, it is a general rule of thumb that the over/under on a woman’s bodycount is: 3 men for every year she lives outside of her parents’ house. Thus, a woman of 28 would have about (28-18=10)*3=30 previous sexual partners. This is the approximate middle of a very large dispersion, with some women genuine virgins, and others with a bodycount over 1000. Nevertheless, if there is any truth to it, it would mean that a lot of women have exceeded the 15 or so bodies that tends to put them in the Unfit For Marriage range on the right side of this chart:

In other words, they seem to have about a 20% chance of working out, and an 80% chance of failure.

These women’s pairbonding is typically so eroded that they are incapable of maintaining a monogamous relationship, even if it is in their own best interests. The stable predictability of monogamy seems interminably boring for a woman whose whole adult life consists of relationship drama. Sluts gonna slut.

Nevertheless, I think there are a lot of women in this range (age or bodycount) that were really not sluts and whores, and got there somewhat accidentally, in the process of trying and failing to establish a monogamous long-term “relationship” of the sort that today now seems like a necessary step toward marriage. Many are not Fugly and not Single Moms. I would like to say something encouraging to these women.

Here’s one who is actually a bikini competitor, and genuinely wants a family. You could do worse.

Why should a man marry you? The only good reason is to establish a family; that is, have children. Apparently, some women in this category do work out (about 20%). Why should a man think that you are one of the OK ones, and not one of the 80% that are bad news? Even if a woman’s natural pairbonding potential is somewhat exhausted, and she carries some difficult memories of many relationships gone bad, or not even starting, I think she could make a Good Wife and a Good Mother, if she sets her mind to it. If she doesn’t set her mind to it, or refuses to, then forget it. Why would any man marry a woman who doesn’t want to be a Good Wife and a Good Mother, as a matter of principle? And yet, these contentious feminist types are now the norm rather than the exception. Hard pass.

Being a Good Wife largely consists of two things: Being Pleasant, and Being Productive. “Productive” might be considered “net productivity.” A woman that does a lot of work, but also spends a lot of money, does maybe more harm than good. For a stay-at-home Mom, Productive largely means housekeeping, and various forms of child-rearing (I recommend homeschooling). But, I will allow for working women who bring in some money. We have to allow some flexibility in real-world arrangements. I wrote a long series on the characteristics of Good Wives.

I would read, and study, books like Fascinating Womanhood, Created to Be His Helpmeet, and The Surrendered Wife. You don’t have to agree with every line, but there should be some broad compatibility, and, you could say, ambition. If you find yourself instead straining for escape from basic wifely expectations, probably you are not cut out for marriage. So, just forget about it.

As a woman gets an idea of how to be a Good Wife and a Good Mother, she also naturally gets an idea of a Good Husband and a Good Father, which may not be at all the kind of man she was interested previously. Yes, there are legions of Where’s My Meal Ticket?whores who are also eyeing these men, as potential suckers. Good men should avoid these. But, these Good Men (that is, men who will be Good Husbands and Good Fathers) will probably notice pretty quickly that there is something different about those women who have an idea of being a Good Wife and a Good Mother.

For one thing, such a woman today should be open to the idea of a prenuptial agreement, which is a good thing, for women also, if you want to preserve a family. But, it would probably screen out the gold diggers/Captain Save a Ho/Feminist types pretty quickly.

If she is also a bikini competitor, that is OK too.

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