Difficult Problems

At The Transformed Wife, we see:

Although I think it is best when a husband makes the money and women stay at home to raise the children, we also have to deal with some real-world realities.

Here, I bet Tameka would have been perfectly happy to marry a man who is 6’3″, looks like an underwear model, has an IQ of 178, is a devoted husband, and makes three times as much as her. But, in the real world, this guy is probably as good as she could realistically do, especially at Age 37 (let’s say). Maybe he is 6’3″, looks like an underwear model, is a devoted and reliable husband, and has an IQ of 92. Most men who married the female equivalent (10/10 fitness instructor or bikini model making $44,000/yr, IQ of 92, devoted wife) would probably consider themselves pretty darn lucky.

Maybe he is 5’7″, is a devoted and reliable husband, has an IQ of 92, and is in the top 20% for looks. Did Tameka make a bad choice? Would a lifetime of single childlessness have been better?

Then, we have the difficult problem of how Tameka and her husband are going to make a marriage work, and not drive each other crazy. Even if Tameka brings a lot of money and a cushy lifestyle “to the table,” so to speak, if her husband is miserable, then he would have been better off single, or with a humbler woman who might be happy to be a stay-at-home Mom on a $44K budget.

Elizabeth Taylor, A-list Hollywood actress and considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in her prime, married construction worker Larry Fortensky in 1991, at a ceremony at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Fortensky fit the “hunky handyman” type well.

Elizabeth Taylor actually died a billionaire, mostly from perfume sales toward the end of her life.

As you might imagine, being married to Elizabeth Taylor was pretty tough for Larry Fortensky. Maybe he should have married someone else.

But, Tameka and her husband seem to have the potential to make each other very happy. I think I will look into how this might be accomplished later. As it turns out, I have a little experience in this, since my own sister is more-or-less in the same situation, and seems to have made it work.

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