More “Never Had a Boyfriend” Girls

While many women haven’t been able to fit a “boyfriend” into their schedule of full-time whoring, there are also many who seem “invisible.” Many are, I think, accidental virgins. Many are also Fugly, but here are two more that might make good wives.

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5 thoughts on “More “Never Had a Boyfriend” Girls

  1. First girl is OK, but second one falls back into the same feminism claptrap. We’re just marinating in it…feminism won’t solve the problems feminism causes, but the fish can’t tell they are in water.

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    1. Most any girl is going to babble about that sort of thing these days. But, I think many of these girls (like the ones in the videos) would work out fine, especially with a little leadership.

      Christian girls babbling about Christian stuff are not obviously much better IMO. They have just become accustomed to different babble.


      1. “Christian girls babbling about Christian stuff are not obviously much better IMO”

        It points to performative religion, as if acting. It is one thing to believe, but I have met people that just became professional actors in their perspective religions.

        I knew some like that and yes, it was unnerving.

        The first woman must have some type of anxiety or communication issues. Most guys wouldn’t consider her because of something like this. She might fail to make them feel like they need to stick around. The quasi-feminism stuff is the shit icing on a shit cake. She doesn’t want or need a man, that is why she is failing.

        She doesn’t do romance or love, the personality issues + developmental stuff + feminism kills everything.

        Logical: She doesn’t seem to have an skill

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  2. Girl 1: Riley Patricia. The linked video is by far her most popular. From listening just to that video, Riley is nowhere near ready even to go on a date with a man, much less be in a relationship with one. She is neurotic, socially awkward, unsure of who she is or what she wants, and basically a mental/emotional wreck.

    Girl 2: “Sereniky”. Are you kidding me? Vacuous, vapid, immature, materialistic, shallow, unintelligent. I wouldn’t trust this woman with my money or children. No way.


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