Women Want to Get Married Eventually

I think it is a good thing that nearly all women eventually want to get married. What if they didn’t? But, since it is so ubiquitous, it is also, in a sense, meaningless. The question for men is: which of these women are actually capable of being a Good Wife and a Good Mother? Maybe, not a lot.

Porn queens Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa, and now Lana Rhoades all want to get married. Reid and Khalifa actually did. Here’s Lana, a single mother, now saying that she is a waiting-until-marriage girl. Of course it is a joke, but at least reinforces the idea that waiting-until-marriage is maybe not a bad thing; and that some women will say anything, eventually, no matter how nonsensical.

Maybe she is intentionally trolling. But, it seems that the people who have seen it all, come to the same conclusions. For example, the “No Hymen No Diamond” guy, Undead Chronic:

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