No Child Support

What if we just got rid of child support?

If a woman has a child without getting married first, the responsibility to support the child is on her. Or, whoever has custody of the child — maybe some men would step up.

If there is a divorce, whoever has custody of the child is responsible for it. A woman can make money just like a man. A man can drop off an infant in daycare, or an older child in public school, just like a woman.

Both of these outcomes seem OK to me.

The Child Support system actually dates from … 1975!

We got along fine without it — better, mostly.

Also, we should eliminate alimony.

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Happily married, with children.

One thought on “No Child Support

  1. One of my absolute favorites, so thankyou. “Judgement of Solomon” is an example for how to handle such things. My view is instead of automatic child support dictated by the court, each party makes a bid for the children. Because I, the man, can afford it, I will pay you the xwif, $300 a month for me to keep the kiddys because I want them. You get the $300 and I support the younguns totally.
    You may outbid me if you want them more but, as a stay at home mom, you cannot afford them because the money no longer comes from me. So, honey, think really hard about instigating this here divorce because you lose sugarplum. Do you and the cheelren really want to live in squalor because you are selfish? All My Love, Johnny Rotten


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