Political Action

Today, we have our periodic exhortation for men to become politically active. This means: Take some kind of action that can lead to changes in the legal framework surrounding marriage and other male/female interactions (“sexual harrassment,” “sexual assault,” “domestic violence,” etc.) No woman is going to do this, so complaining to women won’t work. This is mostly State and even Local (Municipal) law, and also law enforcement (that is, how the law is administered).

Get up off your ass and donate some small amount — I suggest $25 — to some group that is acting in your interests. I’ve suggested the National Coalition For Men (ncfm.org). Go there and donate some money. Don’t just “think about donating.” You have to take action.

If you want to take a step further, then establish a similar organization, for your State and Municipality. You can do this in your free time. It would be, for example, the “Ohio Association for Men’s Rights.” You just call yourself that. You can set up a little organization, through an LLC. This would probably include:

  1. Defining the problem. Statistics and anecdotes, probably made available on a website.
  2. Defining a solution. You might want to talk to lawyers who are involved in these matters, such as divorce lawyers.
  3. Informing legislators. State congressmen, city council members. Write them a letter, and maybe meet them in person. It is easy to meet with State congresspeople. Plus, they are probably nearby.
  4. Informing “law enforcement administrators.” Police chiefs, sheriffs, public prosecutors, judges.

To take one example, child support apparently did not exist before 1975. Its imposition since then (with a lot of Conservative support) has led to the “child support model of marriage,” where a father and husband is disposable except for a monthly check.

Dalrock on the “child support model of marriage.”

Today, child support is perhaps the only financial obligation that can land a man in jail. You can default on your credit cards and mortgage. You can even fail to pay your taxes. These will lead to consequences, but not debtors’ prison. But if a man doesn’t pay child support — even if, due to a loss of a job, he can’t — then off to the slammer. This didn’t even exist before 1975. In one study, one-eighth of all prison inmates in South Carolina were there for missing child support payments.

Then, of course, you can ask other men to pay you to support these activities. And, these other men should do so, at least in small amounts, if they have any sense of self-preservation. We have a whole legislative system (democratic republicanism) set up exactly for this purpose — to be sensitive to the needs of the people. Make use of it!

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