Wives and Mothers

Since we are discussing wives and mothers, we should address the question of whether women should become wives and mothers at all, especially since it seems we are telling young women something like the opposite of this these days. We have a couple options here: Spinster/Corporate Workerbee: not a wife and not a mother.Working SingleContinue reading “Wives and Mothers”

The “Purity” Movement

Beginning in the 1990s, inspired by books such as I Kissed Dating Goodbye (2003) by Joshua Harris, there emerged among small Christian groups a “purity movement,” which basically attempted to revive Christian courtship as it existed before 1900. This, apparently, did not go so well. All too often, girls remained “pure,” that is: unmarried. ThisContinue reading “The “Purity” Movement”

The Problem(s) Of Working Girls

Many have noted that men are not particularly enthused by a working girl’s accomplishments. Women call this “being intimidated.” Men usually insist this is not the case. It rarely goes much further than this. So, let’s go further. She Isn’t Going To Like You. Every man knows, consciously or intuitively, that women are “hypergamous.” TheyContinue reading “The Problem(s) Of Working Girls”

Complaining Is Not Enough.

Welcome to my blog. Its purpose is to explore various topics regarding sex, marriage and family — an area with many problems today, as has been amply explored by the “red pill community.” They have done an excellent job of analysis and description. But, little has been said about solutions, and this persistent lack hasContinue reading “Complaining Is Not Enough.”