Complaining Is Not Enough.

Welcome to my blog. Its purpose is to explore various topics regarding sex, marriage and family — an area with many problems today, as has been amply explored by the “red pill community.” They have done an excellent job of analysis and description. But, little has been said about solutions, and this persistent lack has been troubling me, so I will take it up. I tried doing a little bit via YouTube, the preferred medium these days it seems, but I am not suited to it. So, I will join with Dalrock, Rollo Tomassi and others in print. Like Dalrock, I am happily married, for seventeen years, and have a son. (Yes, it really is “happily,” perhaps because my wife is Japanese, and her English even now is bad enough that she is isolated from Western media and the society of Western women.) Perhaps I would like to have my son, when he is older, to have some kind of woman available besides wasted harlots.
In general, I am a Traditionalist. This is different than today’s TradCons, which Dalrock (among many) have rightly eviscerated. But one thing you can say about Traditional solutions is that they have actually worked, in real life, for a long period of time, and produced good results. You could invent some kind of new solution, but Utopian dreams sometimes don’t work out. I am not a Christian, although I find that they are my natural allies, so I am Christian-friendly. Ezra Pound once did a broad review of spiritual traditions, including many in the East. He eventually decided to become a Christian (specifically, an Anglican), not because he was not aware of the many failings of the Anglican Church in his day, but because he realized that, if he wanted to gain the advantages that come from cooperation with like-minded people, he would have to join some kind of existing community.
I say often that “you have to tell women what to do.” They seem to be incapable of organizing their actions without external leadership. This leadership may come in the form of individual vision, or it may come in the form of social norms, in-group behavior, and the artificially-created “social norms” and “in-group behavior” manufactured by the Cultural Marxists in music, television and movies. Women have a choice of which leadership they choose. But, they seem to lack the masculine capability of analysis and description, awareness of longer-term cause and effect, and also based on this, invention of definite solutions, independent of existing norms. Without someone else to do these things, who they can follow, they are rudderless. Some women are quite intelligent, but this ability is usually channeled entirely toward the Rationalization Hamster, and also lies, manipulation, and deceit. (This is basically the Rationalization Hamster applied to others.) But along with this, women are open to suggestion. If some men start telling women what to do, and it seems to them an attractive proposition, some women will follow.
And so, although you can lament the present condition of women in the U.S. and the West today, unless you tell them what to do, they will not change. It is not enough to say “I don’t like this and I don’t like that.” Eliminating options and identifying problems are important steps toward figuring out What To Do, but do not create a solution in themselves. Along with this, men have to clarify what they want. Today, we lament the fact that most women today are unfit to be wives and mothers, and are frankly dangerous and destructive in those roles. And yet, we seem to like having a large supply of sluts on ready call, so we have been perhaps a little hesitant to say: don’t be sluts. Obviously, we are going to have to make some decisions here. Are you ready for a world in which women are sexually unavailable until after your wedding day?
Unfortunately, by focusing on analysis and description of present conditions, men are, in a way, telling women what to do. Men say that “all women are like that.” Women hear this, and, following what they are being told by men, as is their nature, behave in the manner that such men say they behave. While it is true that women certainly have the potential to be “like that,” and today that potential is reality, it is also true that, in the past, they were not like that. Just as there is “women’s nature,” there is also “men’s nature.” For example, men have the potential for domination and plunder, that we see in every gang or group of bandits, and which anthropologists have recorded in primitive human societies around the world. And yet, most men today are not like that. The difference is part of what we call: civilization.
Thus, I want to focus on concrete, specific solutions. For example, there is near-universal agreement that today’s laws regarding divorce, sexual assault, domestic violence and other interactions between men and women are grossly anti-male and dysfunctional today. But, you rarely hear anyone say what, then, the laws should be. If you were to change it, what would you do? In the past (before 1970), for example, divorce required either mutual consent and terms acceptable to both parties, or, for a unilateral divorce, abridgement of certain conditions, notably adultery or serious domestic violence, with evidence that would hold up in jury trial. In another example from history, divorce among the ancient Romans would result in the man keeping the children. This served as a double preventative: most women would avoid divorce if it meant being separated from her children; and also, a man looking for a younger, sexier wife would probably be handicapped by having custody of his children. This would naturally require someone to handle childcare; and what better (or cheaper) person than the children’s natural mother? At the same time, a younger, sexier women would probably not be very interested in caring for another woman’s offspring.
Besides not telling women what to do, men today are bizarrely, pathologically politically inactive. Men need to join together and get things done to change the laws, just as men have always done to produce any change. Look around you: who is going to do it, if not men? At the very least, men should support existing men’s rights organizations. It is true that they have been woefully ineffective. But, more money would probably help fix that. Any man who is unwilling to give $25 to an existing MRA organization deserves everything he gets. This is evidence of extreme learned helplessness. Think of it like doing political pushups. If you can’t do even one pushup, you are in bad shape my friend. Get over your learned helplessness. Give another $25 to the YouTube Redpill personality of your choice. Divorce law is State law, so eventually there will have to be an MRA organization for each state, which lobbies and informs State legislators: the Ohio Society for Men’s Rights. If all concerned men were giving $100 a year in total to the cause, there would be enough money around that other men would have the funding to establish such organizations. Unfortunately, most men cannot risk too much opprobrium, as it jeopardizes their livelihoods. Thus, we need specialists, whose livelihood is itself based on objecting to the status quo, and who can serve as professional lightning rods.
Men are the builders of civilization, not only in steel and concrete, but also in laws and principles. Women nurture the creations of the men of their choice. So: start building.

Warning Young Folks

My basic rule around here is: good things only. Don’t complain about what is. Say what should be, and how to get it.

But, since most people, especially younger people, will just imitate what everyone else is doing, I will give this here to give you a kick in the butt about why that isn’t going to work. So, I warned you. If you do what everyone does, and get the results that everyone gets, it’s your fault, not mine.

I agree that the older generations, today over 40, are the only ones left who have some depth to them. They are going to get old, lose energy, be hidden away in nursing homes, and die. Some younger people shake off their brainwashing, and do something to make up for the vacuity of the popular culture that they grew up in. You definitely want to be one of those people.

If there is one thing to do, to help make up for the vacuity of the modern mind, it is: read the Harvard Classics.

A HEAVY heart, Beloved, have I borne

From year to year until I saw thy face,

And sorrow after sorrow took the place

Of all those natural joys as lightly worn

As the stringed pearls, each lifted in its turn

By a beating heart at dance-time. Hopes apace

Were changed to long despairs, till God’s own grace

Could scarcely lift above the world forlorn

My heavy heart. Then thou didst bid me bring

And let it drop adown thy calmly great

Deep being ! Fast it sinketh, as a thing

Which its own nature doth precipitate.

While thine doth close above it, mediating

Betwixt the stars and the unaccomplished fate.

Good = Boring

“Heaven,” they say, is a place where nobody lies, cheats, steals, or kills. Everybody works beneficially together.

Thus, it is a place where activity is limited. There are fewer options. People in heaven don’t have the option of lying, cheating, stealing or killing; or, they refuse these options.

“Good” behavior, here on Earth, is behavior that results in beneficient outcomes, for one’s self and others. The main reason that people engage in “good” behavior, is because they don’t like the results of “bad” behavior. “Bad” behavior, at the least, may do harm to one’s self, that outweighs any benefits. Or, it may do harm to others. It does not take long before other people shun those that do harm to them (theoretically). It results in contention rather than cooperation.

For example, people often decide, over time, that they will not engage in binge drinking; and perhaps, not in any drink at all. There are certain advantages that come from drinking. But, eventually we learn that whatever fun we may have from drinking on Friday night has to be paid for on Saturday morning, and perhaps beyond that in various long-term detrimental effects.

Thus, “good” people decide not to do some things that others do. These things are generally “fun” things, since if they weren’t fun things, nobody would do them. For example, if videogames were unpleasant, or at the very least unaddictive, then we wouldn’t have to say: “don’t play videogames excessively.” People would just avoid it. So, it is only the things that are “fun” but have bad outcomes that we have to make an effort to avoid, or that require a learning process to understand the costs/benefits involved.

People learn to eat “good” food, because they don’t like the results from eating “bad” food. This seems very boring to people who like Doritos and Mountain Dew.

So too in “dating,” or Courtship, people engage in “good” behavior because they don’t like the outcomes of “bad” behavior. You are just piling up bad consequences. Or, if they don’t have the direct experience, at least they take the guidance of others as to what constitutes “good” or “bad” behavior, and the likely outcomes.

This “good” behavior mostly involves limiting options. Do not do this. Do not do that. We do this because we want to avoid playing out certain unpleasant dramas that are the easily predictable outcomes of various “bad” behavior.

This seems very boring to others who are not so good.

This is normal. Expect it.

RooshV on Women

SigmaFrame recently had an interesting interview with former PUA RooshV. I thought this passage was particularly relevant:

Stephen: In your introduction, you write, “[Y]et it totally escaped me that I was receiving from women merely what I gave them.” Did you have an inkling of this earlier in the process? That “pickup” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, even as you were succeeding at it?

Roosh: No, I did not see the truth until after I stopped fornicating. While pursuing women for sex, I was deceived into believing I was a “high value” man because of superficial qualities centered around my appearance and personality (but only the traits I would selectively reveal to women), and that I was entitled to a woman who was both sexually appealing like a pornographic actress, since I regularly watched porn, but also traditional with qualities such as honor, loyalty, and dedication. When I did not receive the woman I thought I deserved, one who existed primarily in my mind, I interpreted that as not indicative of my true worth or sense of delusion, since I obviously had “value” from being able to bed so many women; but this was a fault of the women themselves, which is why I spent an inordinate amount of time publicly complaining about their collective flaws and weaknesses.

The reality of what was happening is that I was pursuing harlots and succeeding with them — and them alone — because I mirrored their moral character. We both had no faith and looked to the opposite sex to “save” our miserable lives (from not having God). In other words, I was the harlot I slept with and then publicly criticized. But these women did not save me, and I surely didn’t save any woman, so I would whine endlessly that the world is filled with “sluts” and “whores.” Without Christ, I simply couldn’t see the error of my behavior, and it wasn’t until after repentance that this was clear to me.

It is no suprise that Roosh, in his PUA days, wanted sexy girls that would put out. The funny thing is that he also thought he deserved a good wife from this somehow — that one led to the other. This is relevant for men, but it can be applied virtually unchanged for women also. Women want “bad boys” (the male equivalent of harlots, as Roosh calls himself), but also traditional virtues. This is basically impossible.

“Good” girls can be as sexy, and as good in bed, as harlots and porn stars — better, actually. But, they don’t present themselves in public as “sluts.” Ideally, they reserve this only for their husband.

Splitting Chores

Today, a lot of contention is created by the idea that men should do some of the chores and duties of the household commonly given to women in the past. Some women make this into a big problem.

Basically, it boils down to this:

Stay at Home Moms are responsible for all traditional women’s chores, including cooking, cleaning, dishes, interior decoration, laundry and all childcare responsibilities. Ideally, a woman can also take care of a lot of minor issues related to the house, such as shopping for and maintaining utilities like internet and electricity, home and auto insurance, and automobile repair and maintenance (by an auto mechanic.) A man should be able to come home from work and find everything in order and all the work done. Then, he can focus his attention on a few matters that might come up, and also a few traditionally male responsibilities, typically centered on yardwork and repair and maintenance of the home. If a man doesn’t want to do this, he can hire a landscaping service and a handyman. Also, a husband is responsible for his role in child-raising (which is not the same as child care).

Full-Time Working Moms really don’t have enough hours in the day to take care of all these tasks. So, some of these traditional women’s tasks will have to be split with the husband, or perhaps others will have to be hired to take care of them. Even here, however, the traditional responsibilities of the Stay At Home Mom are not split 50:50. This is because the husband also has his Traditional Husband Chores. This is one big reason why I do not recommend that mothers work full-time. The children will inevitably be neglected, even if huge amounts of money are spent on top private schools. Part-time working moms will fit somewhere along this spectrum.

This is sensible and logical. The problem arises when Stay at Home Moms expect a husband to take upon himself significant amounts of her responsibilities, Because Feminism.

This is very obvious, but it seems that women can’t figure it out. They just want to be lazy and indolent and troublesome, Because Feminism. Or, they are imitating the example of Working Moms. So, if you are a Stay At Home Mom, which I recommend, then do your damn work and be happy about it. Be Productive. Stop Complaining. Pity those working mothers, who really have too much to do and no respite from their endless burdens; and also, their husbands, who, in addition to all the new housework that he must do in addition to his job, have to deal with these tired, worn-out bitches at the end of the day, surrounded by his own children picking up all the bad habits and influences that happen when they are neglected by their parents.

Dr. Helen Smith

You can be a woman who is an ally of men. Who wishes for men’s wellbeing. Once you see this kind of woman, you notice the difference between them and the other women who are basically men’s enemies, although usually they don’t know it.

Dr. Helen Smith listened to what men were talking about:

Men: Marriage is a crappy deal these days. The chances of success are small, and the situation in the divorce courts is a horror. Women don’t make good wives. They don’t even make good girlfriends.

Dr. Smith: Hmmm … it seems like men think that: Marriage is a crappy deal these days. The chances of success are small, and the situation in the divorce courts is a horror. Women don’t make good wives. They don’t even make good girlfriends.

She even wrote a book about it, called Men on Strike. It’s pretty good.

This is so unusual, that it is hard to find any women at all who are like this.

So, you should be a woman like Dr. Helen Smith.

Most women today cause harm to men. Often, they get enjoyment from causing as much harm as possible, or extracting as much time, energy and resources as possible. They are takers and destroyers and problem-creators, not producers and builders and problem-solvers. A man cannot have a taker/destroyer/problem-creator in his life. I estimate that 80% of women today, in the U.S., make bad wives. They are takers/destroyers/problem-creators. In the past, I think that probably 80% of American women made good wives. That is a big change.

Men have learned to avoid these women. But, men are not women’s enemies. Men do not take/destroy/create problems for women. They just avoid them, or not do something. About the worst a man will do is leave, or “ghost” a woman. Or, maybe he will not pay for dinner, and not give you money, and not fix the things you can’t fix yourself, and not marry you. This is because men want to avoid the taking/destroying/problem-creating. They do not want to be exploited. The extent of their productive cooperation with a woman has been satisfied.

Hooray for Cooking

Among the duties of the Stay At Home Wife, Cooking is a major way in which she can contribute to the family’s health and wellbeing.

There are a lot of things that women used to do, but which have become a lot easier today. Before 1850, women had to spin fiber into thread, and then weave thread into cloth. This was no joke. Then, a woman had to make the cloth into clothing, or perhaps do things like knitting. Today, making clothing is an admirable hobby, but there is no good reason to do it unless you really want to. (I once had a male friend who raised his own sheep, made his own wool yarn, and knit his own sweaters from it.)

Between vacuum cleaners or washing machines, there is no good reason to spend more time on housework than it demands, which should not be more than about an hour a day. It seems like women like to draw this out, and then moan about how hard it is. I did housework when I was single, including vacuuming, bathroom cleaning and laundry, and I don’t think I spent more than about 3 hours a week at it.

Preparing and preserving food used to be a big part of women’s duties. Between harvest time in October and June, nothing was coming from gardens or farms. Everything had to be preserved for the winter. This meant canning, or drying, root cellaring or many other things. Butter or cheese had to be made. Fish or fowl had to be butchered and cleaned.

Today, you can just buy these things.

It may seem that a woman doesn’t really have to cook much these days either. There are all kinds of prepared foods available in the supermarket, or you could go to a cheap takeout option like pizza or Chinese food.

There are a lot of problems with this. The first is: nearly all prepared food options, in the supermarket or from restaurants, are bad for you. If you eat this stuff every day, for every meal, you will end up overweight/obese and with bad health problems. Prepared foods from the supermarket soon degenerates into snack foods. It can become common for 30%+ of people’s diets to consist of junk foods like chips, soda, ice cream, cookies, candy and doughnuts.

I say that a wife should concentrate on making food from scratch, with high quality ingredients, and single-ingredient foods. Organic beans. Rice. Spices. Canned tomatoes. Lettuce. Beef. Orange juice. Olive oil. If you are using basic foods like these, you can raise the quality, buying organic grains or pasture-raised beef, without spending a lot of money. Lots of fruits and vegetables, please.

There are a lot of options available for making food quickly, from single-ingredient foods. Oatmeal for breakfast. A sandwich for lunch. Pasta or soup for dinner. (You can make soup and eat it for several days afterwards.) Canning or freezing your homemade foods will give you instant-prep options that are also healthy and homemade. It is an easy matter to make 12 quarts of homemade chili, and then can it into 12 Mason jars.

Usually, you can save a lot of money by cooking yourself. With a family of four, it is not hard to save perhaps $20/day ($5/person, over three meals) compared to supermarket prepared-food alternatives, or takeout restaurants. That is $600 a month. It’s enough to pay for an automobile.

Also, cooking usually means eating together. That’s because there’s nothing to eat until the cooking is done. There are no snack foods that you can just take out of a plastic bag. It’s important for a family to eat together every day.

But the real fun comes when a wife goes beyond just providing minimum healthy nutrition for a minimal cost and minimum expenditure of time and effort. When a woman becomes a little ambitious about cooking, she provides real benefit to her family every day, while also having a lot of fun in the process. Cooking should be a hobby. You can get enthusiastic about it. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Now we are trying new recipes all the time. A wife might have themes that she is working on. Beans, for example. You can’t just “eat beans.” What can you do with these things? Find 20 bean recipes that you like. Get a pressure cooker. Find 10 different ways to cook potatoes. Practice ten Thai recipes, or ten Indian recipes. Or, make ten things from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Usually, you have to make something 3-4 times before you get it right anyway. If it is something completely foreign, like chana masala, it might take 5-8 tries.

Maybe you want to get away from typical fare, and try vegan or no-wheat options.

Study nutrition. Unfortunately, this can become very complicated and confusing, so I will simplify: eat natural whole foods, especially fruits, vegetables, and meats (if you want). Get high quality materials, such as organic vegetables. Avoid all GMO foods, which mostly means corn and soy found in processed foods. You might try de-emphasizing, or eliminating, wheat, baked goods, white sugar or dairy.

Teach yourself to cook like a serious chef. This might take five years or more. It took my wife five years of daily cooking to get good at it. Today, it is hard to find a restaurant anywhere that is better than what we eat at home. I have been to not only good restaurants, but famous restaurants, that were not as good as what we eat at home.

Use the dining room. Some women have dinner every day in the dining room. They use the nice silverware, and the glasses, and the napkins every day. Why not. Get some nice dishware. Dishware doesn’t really wear out, so there is a lot of it available on the used market for very little cost. You can find very high quality items for perhaps 10%-20% of the original new price.

Yes, you can do this every day.

I say this in particular for young women, or girls, who think that maybe they want to be a stay-at-home wife, but they don’t really know what this might mean. Sometimes, they think it means: cleaning the toilet. Yes, you have to clean the toilet (you have to do this as a single career woman too), but if you are spending more than 5 minutes at it, it is taking too long. Usually, these days, young women or girls think that being a stay-at-home wife means: being a Disney Princess. Your husband and family is there to serve you and your whims, and are responsible for your continuing pleasure and entertainment. Sometimes, girls are taught that to do anything at all beneficial for the others in the family is oppression. Because: feminism. These women will spend their lives being told what to do all day by corporate bosses. Good luck with that!

No — you must be productive, and one of the best ways to be productive is to cook food that improves the health and lifestyle of the whole family. This is something that people do every day; actually, three times a day. Do it well. It is also a lot of fun. Just watch a cooking show, with Emeril Lagasse or Giada de Laurentiis. Doesn’t that look like fun?

Women for Men

“Roma Army” is certainly one of the strangest apparitions on YouTube. Yet, for some reason — it doesn’t seem quite like TradThottery — she makes videos in support of men and their difficulties.

Yes, you can do that. I include her here mostly as an example of the principle that a woman can be a friend and ally to men, rather than an enemy.

A woman who does not bring benefit to a man, but instead causes conflict and harm, is a woman that men should avoid. Men, in principle, would not marry these women, or even allow a “relationship.” The main problem is weeding them out. If all you offer is WAP, then a man’s primary objective is how to get that and avoid all the rest. This is just rational behavior. Cost/benefit.

In the end, some men will go and do their own thing, along with the women who choose to join them and make themselves tolerable and beneficent, and the rest of the barren whores, manipulative bitches and male feminists will be left to burn in hell.

Getting Ready in 1808

Karolina Zebrowska gets ready for a ball in 1808. This was the “Regency” period in England, which referred to the later period of the reign of King George III (who fought with George Washington in the Revolutionary War), when his mental health had deteriorated badly, and he handed over rule to a Regent, in this case his son, who in 1820 became King George IV. The Regency Act was actually in 1811, so the Regency period was 1811-1820. This was also the period of Jane Austen’s novels, especially Pride and Prejudice (1813), which is referred to many times in this video.

This woman used to wear skinny black jeans and t-shirts every day, but now she makes her own corsets.

Finding Each Other

Believe it or not, many young men, if they want to marry (and many do, eventually), want to marry virgins — preferably, young ones, age 18-20.

Very often, these young men are not particularly churchy. But, they are beginning to realize that, if you are going to have any chance of success at all in marriage, you have to get the odds in your favor. Plus, a 20-year-old wife is still going to be young ten and even twenty years later.

This guy used to have ten simultaneous girlfriends. His conclusion?

Unfortunately, women who are virgins are very bad for “dating.” They are for marrying, not “dating.” For “dating,” one common rule is: If she isn’t putting out by Date #3, dump her.

If a man wanted to find a virgin wife, age 18-20, where would he go? You can’t exactly hang around the high school playground, and they can’t even go into a bar until Age 21. Colleges have been considered “off limits” for men over 21, but this may change.

Recently, SigmaFrame and NovaSeeker have been complaining that there seems little alternative to “dating,” and even there — as SigmaFrame relates from his own experience — it can take a hookup to get things going. Even today, fully 60% of young women are virgins when they enter college, but only about 3% are virgins when they are married. Obviously, most men who say they would like to marry virgins are not successful.

I think young women who want to “save themselves for their husband” can find Suitors, but only if she advertises herself as such. In the old days, this was what Debutante Balls were for.

If she is advertising (presenting) herself as similar to all the other girls who are Dating, then she will get no interest. Sexless “dating” was fun when you were 13, but not so much for adults. Courtship is a very different stance. It is not just “no sex before marriage,” but rather, a rejection of the whole Feminist Life Script. A woman who is “saving herself for marriage” must also be seeking marriage, right here and now and not in some distant future, after age 28. She can’t be willing to marry, today, but only some imaginary Prince Charming who will never actually appear, and will never be actually interested in her if they somehow crossed paths. (She can, however, make an active search for men of high social standing, intentionally forcing herself into the attention of wealthy men who would also like a slim virgin bride of 18 without tattoos — very much unlike the dozens of other women vying for his attention.) Otherwise, there is no reason to interact with her at all — she is no good for “dating,” and no good for marrying. Basically, she is a Career Nun. She should be seeking marriage right away, at Age 18 or even forming ties at Age 16, perhaps to be married later. (Courtship, or the process of getting married, may involve going on “dates.”)

I have heard some anecdotes that young women who actively seek marriage at Age 18 have had no problem actually getting married. This is no surprise, since 92% of White women have actually managed to get married, once they finally decide that they want to get married. This even includes those 25% of White women who have children out of wedlock! It includes those 25% of women in their twenties who are not just overweight, but actually obese! It is not that hard, if you try. If you also have the advantages of being 18 years old, with a slim and healthy body, and you pay a little attention to beautification (but not so much makeup), and no tattoos or debt, it should be a slam dunk.

I do not think it is so important that a man be a virgin at marriage. For one thing, a man is expected to be able to support a family, which means that he is probably at least 25. Second, most men do not have that much prior history. Third, the family is not as threatened by a man’s past as by a woman’s. Even men who have a history of cavorting with multiple women — John F. Kennedy or Donald Trump, perhaps — normally do not threaten their marriages and families. This requires a wife of considerable tolerance, but Jackie Kennedy did it, and didn’t get divorced. Among marriages between two people with a four-year college degree, the divorce rate is about 35%, and divorce is initiated by the woman 90% of the time. Probably, divorce is really initiated by the woman about 95% of the time, with the woman making herself so intolerable that the man feels that he must flee for is own survival, or at least, formalize what has already happened de facto, such as for a woman who has left the house. 35%*5%=1.75%. So, if a woman behaves herself, and is married to a better sort of man (comparable to the average man with a four-year degree), then there is not much risk to the family. Compare this to the risk of failed marriage for a woman with more than 20 sex partners (about 80%), or even more than 5 (60%).

Courting can be fun, but it is not for fun. It is like looking for a job. It is a transition stage, not something you stay with indefinitely. Fortunately, you only have to do it once, and God has given women many advantages (youth and beauty) so that they can do it without necessarily being so skillful.

I actually like these two women. They seem cheerful and fun — unlike many single women, who need antidepressants to give them a respite from their own bitterness — and they are looking good for their age. After Age 40, you get the face and the body you deserve; and they have apparently done something to deserve good results. After thirty years of Dating, they are really good at it. But, I hope that at least some women will chose Home and Family instead. So, just do that and forget about Dating.