30% of Gen Z women identify as LGBTQ

I believe in focusing on solutions, not problems. But, one of the problems is that people are still sitting on their asses. You can tell if you are sitting on your ass, because if you weren’t, it would be very obvious. For example, plenty of people complain about the education system, but only homeschoolers, and people who send their children to a few select alternative private schools and colleges, have actually got up off their ass.

Apparently, 30% of all women under 25 now identify as LGBTQ. This includes “bisexual,” which might include also a lot of girls who just want to be in the fashionable crowd. It compares to about 5% for women over 60. This is a sign that you better damn well get up off your ass.

Remember that “women under 25” includes basically all of the women who are in their prime window of marriage, 16-25.

It is easy to imagine the kind of talk this topic might generate. But, the goal is not talk, but action. Some young women will have to break from where the mainstream is going. They will be acutely aware of this. “Other women do this, but I will do that.” Also, older people, and parents especially, need to take some action if they are going to avoid these kinds of outcomes. These people will not only feel different, and think differently, they will do everything differently, just as homeschoolers are not just public schoolers with funny thoughts. Homeschoolers do everything differently. Certainly, the fraction of people who will do this is small. But, just as with homeschoolers, if only 2-3% of people do something differently, they soon find that 2-3% of everybody is still millions and millions of people, and quickly makes a huge community.

Unfortunately, I think that MGTOW is contributing to these trends. Many older men are telling younger men that they should avoid marriage. There are a lot of good reasons for this, and it is actually good advice, broadly speaking, to avoid marrying the majority of women today. But, you can have a rational view of the present state of most women today, and the present legal standing of men, and still be a supporter of marriage and family, in principle even if not in practice with most women. In other words, MGTOW for Marriage.

A commenter, who is a Catholic woman under 25, said:

But I have seen an increasing number of women swear off dating, swear off marriage, swear off kids, and especially, swear off men, in the last several years. (I’ve also seen the other side, where many women are decrying the lack of decent men to date, or decent men to marry, but that’s a whole other discussion) The Anti-Men crowd, in my honest opinion, is a new wave of Neo-Feminism that not only wants to ‘crush the patriarchy’ but also wants to be able to move in a circle where men are not just optional, they’re completely unnecessary. These New Feminists are also increasingly gender-fluid, and welcome (with open arms) male-to-female Trans Rights Activists into their ranks.

This is a sort of WGTOW stance. I have warned that women are basically incapable of leadership (Matriarchy Does Not Exist), and they take their guidance from others, especially men. They are hearing that Men want to go their own way, and conclude naturally that they too should be planning for a life lived alone. They are actually doing what men are telling them to do. That is why I think that we should take seriously all the problems leading men to rationally conclude that they should not marry the majority of women available today, under today’s legal situation, and then say: Women Should Behave Like This, and the Laws Should Be Changed Like This, because Family Is Important. Women will hear this, and they will change their behavior (some of them), and also add some support to changes in the laws. Because, women do what you tell them to.

Get Up Off Your Knees
Get Your Patriarchy On
Tell The Bitches What To Do

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