Return of the Daughters

I have only ever known one woman who was the Total Package: 9/10 for looks; 10/10 for brains; and 9/10 (I think) for character. She married a friend of mine. She went to Japan’s top university, Tokyo University. Tokyo University is sort of like Harvard, if Harvard was competitive. But, Tokyo University is also freeContinue reading “Return of the Daughters”

Avoiding the Career Path

More young women, or girls, these days are getting the idea that maybe they don’t want to go to college/get a career — even while their parents are pressuring them in that direction. College basically consists of vocational training, and general education. You don’t need vocational training, since you aren’t going to have a job.Continue reading “Avoiding the Career Path”

The Two-Income Trap

Back when Elizabeth Warren was doing something useful, instead of being a Socialist pest, she wrote a book called The Two Income Trap. It was an investigation into how families ended up in bankruptcy. Warren found that families were not, for the most part, spending money haphazardly or wantonly, on silly luxuries. Rather, their fixedContinue reading “The Two-Income Trap”