Modes of Failure Today #2: The Girl Who Loved Children

I have a friend who is a lawyer, and he has three daughters. They were lovingly raised in a good (and intact) family. The second daughter was the sort of girl that loved children, and other soft, furry things like rabbits or horses. She was not very academically inclined, although she did what she wasContinue reading “Modes of Failure Today #2: The Girl Who Loved Children”

Modes of Failure Today

I will relate a little anecdote I heard, that pertains to our interests here. Our protagonist is a smart, successful corporate woman type, who is coming up on her fortieth birthday unmarried and childless. After dismissing children and family for a long time as secondary, she is now panicking as women often do around thatContinue reading “Modes of Failure Today”

Fascinating Womanhood

Fascinating Womanhood , by Helen Andelin, was published in 1963, but was based on some pamphlets written in the 1920s and 1930s. Even in its time (which was a little before the “sexual revolution” but when feminism was still thick in the air nevertheless), it was a traditionalist expression, with a Christian theme. It hasContinue reading “Fascinating Womanhood”

Women in College

If I propose that women focus on marriage and family first, and basically skip any college education, does that mean that women should be uneducated? Not at all: young women, whose ambitions went beyond a public high-school education, would be educated at their father’s house. Actually, not much education is happening in universities these daysContinue reading “Women in College”

Wives and Mothers

Since we are discussing wives and mothers, we should address the question of whether women should become wives and mothers at all, especially since it seems we are telling young women something like the opposite of this these days. We have a couple options here: Spinster/Corporate Workerbee: not a wife and not a mother.Working SingleContinue reading “Wives and Mothers”